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Is it naive to suppose that everyone has some good in them?

hey jo

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I've asked this question to some of my classmates and acquaintances, and have also posted this question before and got some interesting responses. Here are some of them:


>"What was the good in Hitler? That he can paint? ... and Stalin? That once he was a seminarian?"


>"It's positive to try to see the good in people, but sadly, in a very small minority of people, there could be some who are 100% bad"


>"The worst tyrants in history have shown kindness to animals or love to another or some other indicator of a good quality. "


>"Maybe you need to spend some time visiting the max security block of some prisons."


>"No, I don't think it's naive to think that way. However, people who are mentally ill might be a different story."


>"Most people do have at least a grain of decency in them, but there are some that clearly do not. they are simply no damn good. poison to everyone they come in contact with."


What are your views on this topic?

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