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OK, so my ex-girlfriend moved out over the weekend while I was out of town. Unfortunately, she only got 85-90% of her stuff. She emailed about getting the rest of it on Tuesday. I responded because she has to get her stuff and I shan't be a jerk about it.


At any rate, she emailed about it Tuesday morn and we traded a few emails about the stuff in question. I have heard nary a peep since.


Do I break NC to tell her she needs to get it by XX date? Any guidance from the masses on wording?


I feel like this is hanging over my head. I just want to get it over with so I can concentrate 100% on getting over her.


And her stuff is preventing me from rearranging things--particularly the closet.


I did program another garage door remote so I can park in the garage since she hasn't returned hers yet..

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You could go to a moving company (budget, etc) and buy some boxes like you are moving (well, she is!) They have closet type boxes which are great for clothes - complete with the clothes rail so nothing gets wrecked) and put all her stuff in them.


If you don't want to see her then put it all in a public storage unit and let her know the address and lock combination. Costs a little bit of money but problem solved. Her stuff is out of your place and its safe while she finds a new place to live. Be a nice guy and pre-pay for a month or two of storage... probably cost less than $100.

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1st off, I am sorry to hear that. Can't tell by your posts whether that's a blessing for you that it's over or not. The reality is, she left it. Not to say it's stuff you want or not, but tell her that you will throw it in boxes and set it outside for x period of time. If she does not pick it up, donate it...


Not to sound cold, but moving out when you are out of town... Don't know the whole story, but this is her responsibility, not yours...

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She broke up with me like three weeks before and set up the move while I was to be out of town. I'm sorry if I made it seem like she snuck out while I was away. It wasn't like that at all.


I think I'm healing pretty good so far. I'm more annoyed that her stuff is here than moping because of it. I'm just ready to not have any dealings with her hanging over my head, so I won't be interrupted in my healing.

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My ex did the same thing when she moved out. Left some stuff then said she would get it in a few days. Of course about a week went by and I ended up delivering it to her because I was sick and tired of seeing it and dealing with her. My advice is just get it out of your place any way you can. If she wont get it then deliver it. You have the right idea, you will heal better once you dont have anything to resolve with her.

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