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Too much pride


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A girl recently told me I have 'too much pride', and I was wondering if anybody could tell me what the hell this means.


I think you should ask her what this meant.


Without more context it could mean anything.


Do you think it is an obfuscation for something she does not want to tell you?

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Pride can be something you hold on to- perhaps even a deep sense of who you are that noone else can shake. Maybe she is trying to say that you should let go of some of the ideas about who you are. They might not be helping her- but only you know if they are really helping you or not. If not and the relationship with this girl is more important then try to let them go.


If you are happy with who you are then there is no problem.

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Most of the time when someone has too much pride, they are not being opened minded They are not willing to look at another side of an issue and question whether or not they are right. To help with this, you ask analytical questions that can help you understand. It's hard to say much more as I do not know what context she said it in. She could have also meant that you will not admit that you are wrong or made a mistake or bad judgment....

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Two people I felt had too much pride- would not admit they needed help with something, would not be true about themselves to others.


Maybe she feels you are holding back a part of yourself ? or not sharing something.


Yes one woman I was dating told me I had too much pride because I didn't want her help with the clutter in my house.


I wanted to deal with it myself and not involve our relationship with the problem. If she weren't a romantic interest I would have felt differently.


And she was right.

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