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Does she really like me?

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I saw this girl for the first time on the first day of school, and i told my friends that she was really hott and that i was going to talk to her. Well i talked to her and my friends gilrfriend set us up on a double date. Well I asked her out and she said yea. The problem is that she tells her friends, or well atlleast the ones i talk to that she likes me, but whenever i ask her to do something with me she says yea then says that she already made plans with her friend. I mean why can't i be with her and her still hang out with her friends. Usually a girlfriend really wants to be around you. I don't know i am really confused. I need some good advice from some girl.

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I'm sorry to say this, but a girl either likes you or she doesn't, and you should be able to take it like a man, and move on.


Sounds like, not to be blunt or anything, but it seems as though her friends don't want to inflate your ego.


You chasing after her is very flattering, but if her response is to hang out with her friends, it's most likely that she doesn't feel the same for you....


Good luck okay=)

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