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She really hurt me, dont know what to do

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Hey ive posted a couple times on here before. I went out with this girl for two years before she went off to college and really started to explore things. She tried drugs, alcohol the whole enchilada and put me in a ton of pain. She would ignore me, hang up, and screw me over repeadedly. I did everything for her and when i went to college i never did anything like this. She really seemed to change and i didnt know what to do. I finally gave up and didnt pick up her calls or anything else cuz i knew it wouldnt do me any good....(she'd just do it again and again) New years eve when she was back home she called me repeadely, asking me to call her back. she left me a myspace message and many many voicemails. finally she texted me saying she wants me back. when i got back home from a new years blast, she asked me to meet her, took me up to the mountains, and made me a picture-power point presentation telling me how much she loves me and needs me in her life. i yelled at her for what she had done to me....she cried...and then i eventually got back with her. we went out for a week before i really felt like us being together was wrong...it was weird but almost as if she hadnt changed for the better...it was just temporary. I broke up with her and we faught for a while because she was being a * * * * * again...and then the day came where she hung up on me again and was drunk. I finally decided to change my number because it was the only way to make my will power and prevent her from contacting me. i have a couple questions.....1. i think shes a good person but why would she do this to me repeadely...2. will she ever change for the better...and realize to appreciate me..... please help with any comments...was what i did right?? was what i did ok? will she ever try to contact me again? what should i do??


ok recently she just posted a bunch of pictures of her on facebook with her and guys kissing each other on the cheeks and taking pictures and it seems like they are all having a blast....why would she do this...is she tryin to piss me off??? i really want to know

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IMHO, when you decided on changing your number and then went out and actually did it, it shows that you have a very good head on your shoulder and that action should open her eyes, then again...


My answer to your question:


1. She knows you all too well; knows you'll put up with her, knows you're her safety net, knows you love her so much you'll always be there. Love alone is enough for you to throw away all reasons and you will always end up coming back to save her...


2. People change as life progress, some change a little, some change dramatically. Only that person can change themselves, you can't force them to change. As for contacting you again, I doubt she'll call unless you give your number to mutal friends and they give her your number. Regardless if she doesn't get your new number, she'll contact you one way or another.


Since I believe you have no obligations to her, I suggest you help her get some help or things will get worse for her. If she refuses, you have no other choice but let her walk that path alone and call it quits. Getting back together, breaking up, back together, breaking up, that will tire you out and its a vicious cycle I would not want to be in, neither would you...


Good luck and best wishes.

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"and put me in a ton of pain"


Sorry but she can not make you feel any thing only you have that power,

your rule over your own mind and so why are you letting her actions dictate what you feel. For a start try and get control back of your own hart and then have a good long look at her and what she has done, ask your self "Should I let my self carry on feeling bad or should I walk away and find some one whos I can make my self feel better over"

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