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I am what you might call anorexic, though my nutritionist/counselor says I don't show any mental signs of being anorexic, the the eating habits.


Basically I started out healthy: I was maybe 10lbs heavier than I wanted to be (127 at 5'6".5) and I lost down to about 115 - the cutoff for my "healthy weight range". I ran etc. Then it jsut didn't stop and now I am 97lbs.


Mentally when I work out and stuff I think: I would like to be built and curvy but not in a way that looks fat...just have boobs and a butt (I pretty much look like those girls in 9th grade who don't have them yet)


But physically and mentally after I eat I can't handle how my stomach looks and feels against my clothes.


Is there anyone else here who has struggled with this type of thing? I'd just like to hear someones take on it who is on the other side. Thanks.

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i'm on the opposite side, so i can't really relate. i can't seem to lose weight for my life. I started a birth control pill last year, and i gained 10 lbs in about 5 months. i was already heavier than i'd like to be. i no longer take it, but i think it started a downward spiral of me wanting to eat constantly.


i have the same mental image, built, but not in a way that looks fat. but in my mind... i have to keep up with nutrition and stuff, so i eat too much. i've even wanted to be anorexic....


i don't really have any advice to give, just my side of your story. and i wish you the best of luck. just try to do what's best for your body and make yourself happy

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I don't think you should try and self diagnose. You should probably go and see a psychologist of some sort. There might be some deeper issues that you're not even aware of.


You are grossly underweight and it's not good to be gambling with your health like this. I think most girls go through a phase where they lose a bunch of weight or yo-yo diet, but this amount of weight loss sounds serious to me.


Ofcourse it's up to you though. Most anorexics are in denial to begin with. Then again, I'm not a doctor of any sort, so I can't say.

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