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TV as led me to beleave...

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Ok I dont really have any problems here, I just wanted to see peoples differnt views about this.


This all starts back around when I was in grade 3 or grade 4. My mother use to watch tv shows like "Everybody loves raymond" and "king of queens". And I also use to watch them with her. In many of the episodes of Everybody loves ray, it always had "Raymond" wanting to have sex but his wife was never in the mood, it seemed like every episode she was never in the mood. Which led me to think that all women didn't like having sex and never wanted to have it. It made me feel like all men were "pigs" for wanting sex all the time.


And then around grade 7 grade 8 I found out that women wanted sex as much as men did. And I was very shocked. All of those years of thinking it was just men who wanted sex. Ive noticed the same thing with other shows as well.


I just wanted to see differnt views from people on this subject,




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I see what your saying. And i know what you mean. It is weird how tv has always portrayed women in that light, not wanting sex. I can understand how watching that all the time as a young boy could be confusing and maybe make you feel bad for wanting sex, like you were a pig. Thats why i really love the show "sex and the city". I swear its really dead on!!!

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I think that yes, it varies, but there is also a difference between women with children and women without.


I don't have children, but my friends who have them have tended toward losing their sex life for some time after having kids. They are just exhausted all the time, and don't have any time for themselves. These aspects of their lives mean they are less likely to want to have sex. One friend also told me that her urges for her husband just took a back seat to her need to bond with her daughter.


Now my husband has a friend who had children and he and his wife were at it like rabbits whenever they could pretty much directly after she gave birth, but I tend to think this is the exception rather than the rule.


Patricia Heaton's role in Raymond was very much as the harried housewife, who had all these obligations and little support. So she's not going to be as sexually riled up as Carrie et al. who get to swan around, wear their Blahniks and hypothesise about sex and relationships.


In any event, I think that women's sex drive is deeply tied up in their emotional state: you feel good about yourself, you've had some rest, that makes you more likely to get the horn on, so to speak, than if you feel fat and tired. Men are better able to have sex without the intricate personal musings, and seem to have less physical hangups on the whole. So women who feel busy and unsupported/unappreciated are perhaps generally less likely to want to get it on than a man who feels the same way.

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