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How do you know if they have emotional detached themselves?

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I'm just wondering what are the signs of your ex emotionally detaching themselves. Is there any clues or signs that they show either before or during the break up? I know them breaking up with you is a big enough sign but I'm just wondering what are the signs that they don't feel attached to you no more?


Especially woman, I know they might show different signs.

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As a woman who has detached herself before, some of the signs after the break-up that I had moved on were these:

-forgetting anniversaries/holidays that were important to us as a couple

-not returning calls or letters

-starting a serious relationship

-reprioritizing my life

-moving away


I'm not sure there were 'signs' before the break-up. We talked openly about how we weren't working as a couple, and tried different approaches for 6 months or so.

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would a girl saying that she needs to find herself and is confused about everything in her life right now including us be a sign of her being emotionally detached. For example saying that she is confused and thinks that she only loves me as a friend?


I would say yes in the sense that the focus of her emotions are now on herself, and not on you both "as a couple". However this detachment could be the emotional feeling you get from her as she's shifting her interest towards "finding herself".


If you are worried that she just loves you as a friend asking her and trying to prize out answers from her may not help at this moment in time - she's confused right now - she doesn't have the answers to everything either.


Hope that helps!

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The loving you as a friend is a good sign she feels little romantic feelings for you. Do not take her confusion lightly. She may have doubts and wants to be sure, which in many cases this is the final stage beofre a break up.




Sorry, if i were you i would forget her and move on and live your life.

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The biggest thing for me in my marriage and this last relationship..

I couldnt kiss him..I mean I could kiss him...but not REALLY kiss him.

Kissing can be more intimate then the "act" itself...make sense?


I agree! When I broke up with my ex I remember being upset for a few months when he struggled to "kiss" me. Sounds like such a small thing but it really felt like he was elsewhere.

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Kisses with my ex definitely changed in the weeks before she broke up with me. I mean, she would kiss me, but it just felt different. It was almost as if she was doing it just to please me; it felt like it was a chore for her. I asked her about it, but she said not to worry. Then, of course, a few weeks down the road she told me she wasn't in love with me anymore and broke up with me

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I can honestly say that sometimes people need to re-evaluate their lives sometimes. Whether this has anything to do with you or not is irrelevant. You have to be supportive and respectful of this choice. I personally believe if I had some space to screw my head on right I wouldn't have gone so far to break things off with her in order to get that time. It hurts a lot when you don't understand what you're feeling, don't think it doesn't. But "worrying" about it, I found, is pretty destructive. Just be supportive and understand things from her perspective. Make sure you talk it over.

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