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So I just got a call from the ex...Ignored it but she left a message.


"Hey its just me. Just wanted to say Hi and see how your day is going. I have a very busy afternoon ahead of me. My Course Runs from Tuesday to Sunday from Noon to 8 each day so I probably wont be availavle for anything these days. Okay well I should go. Hope you are having a good day."


She called from an unrecognized number so I called back.. (I got tricked into breking NC?) I said Hi whats up? Juss chit chat etc.... Let her know I has just got back from the gym and wished her good luck on her course...


Was VERY postive and cheery and NO Relationship TALK.


Wow I feel good!



Just wehn I was getting okay with the idea of her not being there. And after it felt like she wasnt going to talk to me and I accepted that...





I want that power?


Any Insight?

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Isn't that amazing? just when you completely get over it, somehow they always show up? If i were you i wouldnt let it go to my head, i would probably take it as the last time i ever talked to them again (for the second time). Especially if they're someone that hurt you. Don't set yourself up for more pain if you've already gotten over it.

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Hey man. Play the platonic side of things...but let her initiate it. I agree with the previous post in that you should accept it as the last time you talk with her, but if she calls/emails/texts/etc again and you WANT to respond back, respond. Just keep it light and good job for holding off on the relationship talk.


If you can (in your mind) have ZERO expectations about where you go with her, then you won't end up being disappointed if things don't go your way in the long run. I know, easier said than done, but if you truly WANT to respond and you're able to handle platonic conversation, roll with it.


I'm struggling with this issue myself. My GF contacts me through email or text every few days, but I keep it at arm's length, and have no expectations. Each time I respond I send it as if its my last time contacting her...and then I pick up where I left off in terms of healing. I know the majority of enotaloners believe in strict NC as a cardinal rule, but treat your situation as what you think works best for you...and if you can handle light conversation while still managing to heal in the process, give it a shot. If it becomes too much for you, and everytime you talk with her you're thinking "back together" down the road, then cut her out.

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