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Did my wife cheat? Is this cheating?


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you know in your heart of hearts she had a fling with this guy. she just won't admit it until you have 100% proof...my husband was like that too with his affair!


i think you are doing the right thing by moving out and giving yourself some time to think about it. i feel for your soon too! divorce is hard on kids but since he is so young he probably will adjust better, if you go thru with it.


oh and did you ever get that book i mentioned before, not "just friends"? you should get a copy and give it to your wife...and tell her you know all about her game! it is such a good book! good luck!

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Well i am still at her parents house. The situation has not gotten better, last night she didn't eat dinner at her parents house as usual with me, her son and her mom. She went to see a movie "charlette's web" with a girl friend from work last night. She got home at midnight, she claims she went with her friend and husband, so she was like a third wheel then she went shopping. I did some research and that movie wasn't playing later on last night anywhere in the area. So it's obvious she lied once again. No doubt she went out with him again last night. Her mom was watching our son and I was at work, i work at night.


Keep in mind this behavior is while we are separated and I am living with her parents for 2 weeks now, as a short term thing rather then just run out and get a apartment in case we are able to work this out.


So with her behavior just as appalling as usual. I am starting to think there is no point anymore. He is still calling her daily on the home phone, I have a hidden caller id to spy on her. So I will see what it says. No doubt it will say he is calling regularly still.


I asked my wife a question. I said "If this man had a girl friend and she found out you spent the night all week end, would she of had a problem with it?" She didn't have a response to that one. So that really pissed me off.


This guy is single, and broke up with his gf about 3 months ago according to my wife and what she told me about him. she refuses to tell me his name and she always will bring something up that I did wrong when I am trying to interrogate her about him.

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wow. she lied about the movie? she sounds dumb too, she is lying about things that are easily verifiable. one stop at link removed will let you know if the movie was playing in your area at that time! and shopping until midnight? shopping where? 7-11?


forget her. have you found a good divorce lawyer?

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