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Ok...so I've been feeling irritable, emotional and depressed that past few days. which leads me to think I will probably get my period in a week (like usual) anyways...my sex drive has been DEAD for the past few days. Me and my boyfriend are worried that it's us, but I think it may just be the hormones and PMS causing it. I love him but when we kiss or try to get intimate I am sooo not in the mood. Is this a symptom of PMS??? anyone else have this problem???

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No, I generally feel a little more in the mood when I am angry and bloated, but that is just me... lol


Hormonal changes affect everyone differently though...


I assume that you mean that you and your bf haven't been together long enough to have the experience of a few months of your hormone cycles to see if this is a trend or not?? I would advise that you just see if the same thing happens next month before you start worrying that the fizzle is going out....

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I don't get terrible PMS or anything, but it did seem like I was less inclined to do anything sexual right around that time of month (although I guess my reasons were more practical and psychological than hormonal). Honestly, I don't want to be anything other than sitting strictly upright when those things are going on, which means that I reject anything that may put me in a reclining position. I would also much rather cuddle than kiss, etc. during those days. They usually ended up being our "chillaxing like slobs" days.

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Oh man, I think the same thing is happening to me, and it's been really bad lately. I have abnormally long periods of PMS for some reason so for about a week or so I've felt this way. It's good to know someone else is going through this too, though...it makes me feel a little better.


I haven't noticed whether or not this happens when I PMS or what, but like vandgsmom said, I also think it'd be a good idea for both of us to figure that out before we get worried about the spark dying down in our relationships. Maybe it's normal for us but we haven't realized it before now.

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Yeah, but it also can change as you get older!


I'm sure I never suffered from PMS until I hit 30. Maybe I was chronically unobservant for all those years, but I don't think so.


It's been getting more extreme over the last couple of years too. I now have wicked bloating, insane short temper, sadness etc, and I didn't before. I also tend to feel non-sexual.


I have come to think these days that if you think it's PMS is probably is. You know, that "oh my GOD I feel SO SAD and everything SUCKS, but I KNOW it's irrational" feeling? It's PMS. Or your blood sugar is down.

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