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Yep - my daughter will be going to a new school this coming year.


I'm nervous for her, but I know she'll be OK in no time.


It's me I'm worried about.


I KNOW!!! I'm a selfish pig.


But I am soooooo sad that she will be leaving the school she's been at for the past 3 years. I've JUST started to get a little more comfortable with talking with her teachers, her friend's parents...etc.


Growing up, I lived in the same house my entire childhood and went to the same grade school as everyone else. When we went to middle school - all my friends went at the same time - same with High School.



I'm having really bad stress and anxiety over the whole thing.


Will the school be as good?

Will she make new friends?

Will she have a rough time?

Will she have enough clothes to be cool? (she wears a uniform now)


Anybody been through a change of schools? From ANY perspective....



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How old is your daughter?


I switched schools when I was 10 years old...and then I transferred colleges when I was 19. Neither time was traumatic for me at all, and it wasn't for my parents either.


As far as the quality of the school, unless there are very compelling reasons to think otherwise, I think it will be okay in that respect. The basic curriculum should be generally the same, and I've always believed that education is about the student, not about the school. You can get a lousy education at a great school, and a great education at an average school. If your daughter is a motivated student and you provide her with a good learning environment outside of school, she'll be just fine!


Of COURSE she'll make new friends. It may happen on the first day, or it may take a little while, but eventually she'll find that circle of friends. Same with things being rough...As long as she's optimistic about this new experience and doesn't give up if things don't go her way on the first day, it will all turn out!


As far as clothes, I'm sure you can put together a great outfit for the first day -- and it shouldn't take much more than day for you guys to judge what the scene is like at school, and make adjustments accordingly. Plus, you want her to be accepted for who she is, not for what she wears, right?


And speaking from a student's perspective...It sounds like you're very involved with your daughter's life (talking to teachers, her friend's parents, etc.)...but be very careful to not be overbearing in those first few days! Of course you're going to be concerned and wanting to do everything in your power to shelter her from any harm that may come her way in a new environment, but the last thing you want to do is give her classmates and teachers the impression that she always needs to be holding her hand! So hold yourself back just a little bit until it really is the right time to talk to those teachers and start getting friendly with the parents. The right time should come fairly quickly, no worries!


Oh, and it may be a good idea for your daughter to join after-school clubs as welll...She'll meet lots of great people...And as a bonus, if she still relies on you for rides, you'll get to pick her up, see the people that she's waving goodbye to as she's leaving those clubs, and with any luck, catch a glimpse of the parents who are picking them up. Much easier to get to know people that way than to try to absorb it all at the end of the day when all the students pile out of the building...


Good luck!

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Awwww... mommy angst sucks, huh?



I changed schools at least once if not more times a year until my last 2 years and I felt no ill effects... *twitch**drool**twitch*


Serisouly, she will be great, and the different perspective that she ends up with on how life dosen't necessarily have to be the same all the time to still be great will do wonders for her later. It will leave her much more able to deal with whatever comes her way later in life.


And this doubles the friends that she will have stories to tell her children about, and adds all sorts of new things for her to do, and gives you a little bit of time to not worrry before she figures out all the ways to make mischief in her new digs....



Take a deep breath, Mom... it will be fine..

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thanks guys! I know in my head it will be OK. We've just loved the school she's been in. It's a great school.


I know it'll all work out......


I didn't mean to sound shallow about the clothes thing. I just remember being teased when I was in school for the kinds of clothes we wore and I hate the thought of that even being an issue - another reason I liked her old school....uniforms....


Anyway - I'll be OK!!



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Hiya, poopy old friend! My only thought is that I would be mindful of what I projected in front of my daughter. I wouldn't want any of my worry to be transferred to her. As an example, I didn't go into shock after being struck in the eye with a toy rocket as a child until Mom got hysterical at the sight of the blood.


Knowing you as I believe I do, though, I'm sure you've already taken this into account.

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Oh, and one more thing...


We LOVE garage sales in my family.. One of the best places to find brand name clothes that already have that "I am so cool that I bought faded jeans" look...lol




My mother made the fatal mistake several times that when we moved somewhere she would garage sale shop for new clothes for me before we enrolled in school. Only for me to find that I was wearing something that someone in my new class had recently discarded... UGH.

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I just wanted to chime in. Went to 8 schools from kindergarten through 12th grade - am not to scarred I think!


I was a very shy and somewhat anxious child, and would get VERY nervous the first day. However I was happy at all the schools I went to, and the other children were usually very friendly to me.


I know what you mean about the first day. My first day of school in the US (I am originally from another country), I did not bring any $$ for lunch, or pack my own lunch. At all my other schools, we just ate in the cafeteria and it was billed to the parents. I was mortified and got very anxious - but the teacher ended up giving me money for lunch. Pointless little story, but just to say, the adults will be looking out for your daughter, and the other kids will be fascinated with the cool new girl and will want to be friends with her. Re: the clothes, I was dressed a lot more traditionally than the other children at school. I think the first day will be fine - after she finds her "group" she will probably want to dress like them, so maybe you can go shopping with her then.

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