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friend to g/f please help


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I have known her for about 8 months. When i first met her, it was at school and for a couple of weeks we talked then she wanted to be my g/f but i thought it was to soon and i did not tell her anything for a while but we still talked. After i left school I did not see her for a while until i saw her at summer school in july. She gave me her # and we have been talking and i dont know how to tell her that i would like to take our friendship further into a relationship.

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Dude tell her! Obviously you care about this girl and you want to take it to the next level. If you dont speak up you'll never know what can happen. I know its hard to find the courage to tell her how you feel believe me all guys do. Its just a question of how badly you want to be with this girl. If you really want her be subtle, sweet, and just spill your guts! LOL Find the courage and tell her how you feel now before its too late.

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kill: OK, if she gave you her number then I'd guess she's still interested. Talk to her in class, or call her up, and ask her on a casual date, like studying at a coffee place or whatever your town offers. Pay for her items and then settle down to talk. I bet you she is still interested, but first you should respect the time that has passed, and be recognizant of the possibility she could have a new person in her life by now. Just say that you haven't forgotten her, and you've been thinking about her, and that you were wondering if she'd still like to try dating you. I hope she says YES. Good luck!!!



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