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How would you react?

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...when you accidentally hear that your ex girlfriend, that was the biggest love you ever had has got married and your good friend didnt tell you about it?

The problem is, my good friend, we know each other for 16 years, is boyfriend of my ex`s good friend, so if this is true I am sure that he was at the wedding..

My ex is not the issue here, but my friend is. I mean, I can not believe this. The wedding was several months ago - and he did not tell me?

What would you do?

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well, there was probably a reason why he didnt tell you.... because you might think this way... but try see it from his perspective... im sure he didnt mean to hurt you, just he might have thought that maybe you didn't want to know or maybe felt guilty about it, and didnt want you to be angry at him


its all good, try not to get too worked up about it. this is part of growing up

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well, we resolved all that issues about mutual friends and him hanging around with her or something, and I really have no problem with it.

But I feel very disappointed, very very. There is no single reason why he could not tell me except if he is thinking that i still mourn for my ex - which I definitly not (it was two years ago)..

I dont know. I dont see friendship works that way...

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I am very glad that she got married and pregnant and everything that goes with it. But I am wondering that if I am in his position it would be very weird for me to hide something like that. I would definetly tell him if me were in his position. I feel stupid about this, its not a big issue, but I am kinda disappointed in him.. I dunno know really. It definitely will not affect our friendship, but I dont like to be the last one to know.. And I really dont see any reason or hidden agenda for not telling me. Weird...

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