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Ok, so here goes.

I'm a girl and I have always considered myself straight, at the most i would say that maybe I was a little bi-curious, but I always felt that I was straight.


I was away at college and staying at this one house that boarded lots of college students. I became friends with another girl that stayed in the same house and then a week later we were drunk and ended up having sex and we've been together ever since, which is about 3 months.

And she's not bi or a lesbian either. She's straight too.

Now, this may sound like a stupid question. But is it possible to be straight and have feelings and sexual attraction for only one girl? Or does this really make me bi? Not that I have a problem with being bi. But this thing is, that I really do still feel straight.

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how can you girls both feel like you're straight if you're dating each other?? if the girl does all the same things that a guy does to you - make you laugh, you look forward to see her, get nervous sometimes, get horny with her, are together all the time on dates, etc (which is what i think constitutues dating someone) - then i guess if both a girl and a guy can do this to you you must be bi.

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What do you mean by "been together for 3 months"?


If you mean you are openly dating, and have a relationship beyond sex or friendship, then yes, I would consider you bi. Being bi is not black and white though, you can be mostly straight with bi tendences, or mostly gay with straight tendences, or any combination in between.

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Dont label yourself at all. But if yous are dating and all for 3 months you must be bi or something. Do you see yourself with her for a long time? Do you feel the same about her as you have for a guy?


i don't know but i started to like her and care for her alot. As for feelings, well no it doesn't feel the same as with a guy. I don't know how to explain it, but it feels different.

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