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I don't think going right out and asking him would be best at this point. Right now he may just be curious but will deny anything, so in this case asking him may only result in some conflict between you two as friends.

I say let it be.

until someone is comfortable with who they are then they will tell you or will bring up certain comments or views that may lead you to dig deeper into that subject.

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I don't think that you should come out and ask him if he's gay. He could just be curious or way in the closet where the sun don't shine.


Asking him about it if he's not out or not ready to come out will create conflict. What you could do is just make comments in passing about politics or some other general conversation that has anything to do with sexual orientation and just make it well known that you support people who are gay and if you already have gay friends you could mention that. You will be opening the door to your friend who may be gay to come out to you when and if he is gay, esp. if you let him know that you have other gay friends and you are not a bigot.

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