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5 months UPDATE...!!

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Wow 5 months have past since my EX girlfriend dumped me...!!


heres a update on my story, my Ex finished with me after 4 years, 5 months ago, i went down th route of trying to get back with her for a month, anway i aint spoke to her for about 3 1/2 months.... BUT she still tries making contact with me, she sent a christmas card to me, and a personal txt message on new years eve, i have seen her a few times but avoided her.. Anyway this morning, i signed on MSN (aint signed on for months) and i get a message, 'Why are'nt you talking to me' of the Ex.... I just ignored the message, an thinking why do you think....


Why does she wanna speak to me, and knowing full well that im seeing someone new... (so is she)

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It seems the girl isn't getting it.


Sometimes even the dumper doesn't realize what they are doing. They dump - but don't really mean it. Or they dump as a strategy (a crappy one indeed!) to try and get the other person to change.


Or it could just be that she now needs you to be her emotional tampon. A little self absorbed.


If she continues with this, you could always send her a short message that is firm. "I do not answer you back because you broke up with me. I don't want to hear from you. Please stop contacting me. Thanks."


Use your own words. This will work unless the person is truly delusional.


Good job by the way!

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