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I recently moved to a small town from a big city and have to say that I don't care for it that much. It seems very quiet. So, I put my job application in at some other places. I would say there is about a 50% chance of me leaving in the middle of this year.


I met this girl at work recently. She seems pretty normal and is attractive. I don't know her that well, since I only talked to her a few times. One of my co-workers suggested that I ask her out.


My life seems so comical right now because I have a good job, but nothing else. I work hard, but have nothing to come home to. Somewhere out there a woman needs a good husband and a child needs a good father (she has a young daughter).


So here is the question. Should I ask her out for coffee and just get to know her a little? Perhaps the small-town lifestyle would not be so terrible if I had someone in my life. Perhaps she also doesn't like the small-town lifestyle and wants to get out as well.


On one hand, I hate to not at least go out with her. On the other hand, it may be a bad idea if one of these jobs comes through.

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