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i'm about to tell my mom we're..

alexx is a girl

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This directly relates to Alexx's other thread, you might want to read up on it.


Alexx, you're very brave for going ahead with this. I personally am a big fan of the direct approach in these kinds of situations. It was hard for me to tell my parents when I started having sex, and I was 18 at the time. You're going to have a harder time at this, but just keep remembering that you're telling her because you want to be safe, you want to be responsible, you want to be adult about this.


And that is commendable.


The whole argument about you being 14 and having sex, I'm not going to touch that. The fact is, you plan to continue having sex and you need to protect yourself.

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This is about being responsible since you are having sex. So I'd start with that:


"Mom, I know how you've always told me to be responsible and things. So I'm trying to be responsible now. I need to tell you that I need to be on birth control so that I am protected."


Start with something like that and I'm sure the conversation will take off from there.

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i told her.

it was so incredibly hard.

she knew that i had had it before.

twice that she knew of.

with 2 other partners.

she took it really well.

and was pround of me.


we haven't fully discussed it.


but i told her that i'm 'asking her to put me on birt control, not saying that it's ok. because i'm infact not, and i suppose i'm not mature enough to be doing such things. but if me and my current boyfriend are going to do this again, i want to be safe'


my boyfriend supported me completely on telling her.

btw, for everyone who's wondered his age.

he's 15, and in my grade. and it was his virginity.

but my 17 year old sister said it was stupid.

and that i'm not messing things up for her.


i'm proud of myself!



and i'd really like to thank everyone.

all of you who gave me really great/helpful advice today.

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Hi Alexx,


I am glad that you were honest with your mom. That means, if in the future there is ever a problem, you can now go to her with it.


Just make sure that EVERY time you have sex that you use an condom in addition to using birth contol pills- since they are not 100% effective against pregnancy, and they do not protect against STI's.


Good luck!

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