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New events and changes in my life.....

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Well enotalone, i havent been here since december not since i had my last post. but i have had recent changes to my life, that i decided it was worth doing. my ex and i split after 3 years and decided that i need to move on, i didnt see myself wanting to watch as my ex went and dated another person. so i found someone i was very interested in for about 2 years, problem was it was my friends ex girlfriend and we found that attraction to each other. so we have been dating for about almost 2 months and still going strong. but my ex decides she's not happy with that, and she's looking to destroy something in my life, and im sick of it. i dont talk to her unless i have to. she's been playing all these games, putting these kind of guilt trips that are just ridiculous. she tells everyone that she feels bad kicking me out of her house and that she wished things have been different blah blah blah blah, that's all i hear. im sick of it, it just seems no matter what i do to stay away from her, she seems to crawl into my life that i dont want her in anymore.

the girlfriend i have now is wonderful. her and i are alot alike, in many ways. i love being with her, we laugh until it hurts and we still continue to laugh even after. im glad that her and i are together and we both wouldnt change it for the world. im just not in the mood to have some one of my past, coming to try and ruin what i have that is sacred to me. im not sure what to do, all ive done so far is told her not to email me or talk to me anymore. i just dont want any part of her in my life at all.

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I am glad to see that you are dong well despite they stuff with your ex. I had that problem for awhile, but eventually they go away. For now focus on what is going well in your life. The less attention that you give to her, the more you can give to your new lady, and isnt that more worth your time? every moment of frustration that you let her have from your life is a moment that you take away from the life you want to live. Hang in there, it will get better.

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