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How do u deal with these?

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Nothing makes me angrier then when someone interrupts me while I'm talking, especially when it's one of my friends. I don't know which is most annoying, when the person you're talking starts talking to someone else or leaves while you're talking to them, or when someone else comes in on your conversation with a person and steal your conversation. I don't know how to respond to this...do I just ignore it and act as if it never happened and act normal? do I say something to the interrupter immediately about how rude they were? do I speak with the interrupter later in private? All these options seem wussy to me except saying something immediately. How do you guys deal with this situation?


Also, the last straw that brought me to post on this forum was to know how to deal with your friends/dormmates being rude/mean. I just went to the living room to sit down in front of the football game with all 4 of my dormmates to do a little bonding. I brought my laptop and none of them would make room or help me out. In fact, one of my dormmates was sitting back in couch taking up two seats, but he refused. What is wrong with people? I asked politely and happen to be friends with these guys, but they didn't anything to help me out. This type of stuff really irritates me and makes me distance myself from people. I probably sound like I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but it doesn't seem that way to me. This is a clear example of something wrong with some/most people.

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