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Me and my current Girlfriend that have been together for almost 3 years... Everythings been great.. We started dating when we were in High School.. I was in my Senior year while she was in her Sophmore year.. I've been graduated for 2 years and shes now a Senior. She had a boyfriend for about a week or 2 and broke up with him before we got together and also had sex with him.. He was her "bestfriend" before that.. It was so much trouble to just be with her and for her not to lie to me about things. She still talked to him everyday for a couple of months after that.. Recently i've been suspicious to weather she was still talking to him.. A couple of months ago i was going through her phone records and recall numerous time his number showing up.. Even though it wasn't a long time maybe 1-5 mintues. It's still not right.. A couple of days ago she was asking if we were going to her Senior Prom and i said yes i'll go.. After about 2 days i found out her ex-bf/bestfriend asked her to go with him.. Now shes going with him after already asking me.. She says she has no fun with me and all we do is end up fighting at the dances and that i wouldn't have anyone to talk to. Which most of the time we don't. It's just worrysome that her friends and even her Mom says its fine.. But nobody realizes my position.. I see it as your going with the ex-bf to your Senior Prom and your picking him over me.. She says she has no feelings for him at all.. It's just hard to believe that. Is there something wrong with that? Or m i just getting to worried about the whole thing. I personaly think i'm right for being mad about that. Anyone have any advice? Any would help.. Thanks

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bro! i've been in the almost exact same situation. best advise i can give is THINK! really good about your relationship and what you want.. cause the matter of the fact is she still talking to this guy and you never know...just my 2 cents.


I've thought about it so much lately.. it's wrong in the fact that shes doing that to me.. I just would hate to loss 3 years of my life..

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Don't think of it as losing 3 years of your life. Otherwise, every relationship that ends is a loss of some amount of time. But that's not a good way to think about it, especially seeing as you are so young. Yes, it is going to hurt a lot...breaking up is usually not easy, not now and not when you're older, and yes, if you break up, you will have spent 3 years with her that you could have spent with someone else but if you could go back would you really have made a different decision? You probably would have been just as attracted to her and wanted to get into the relationship just as much. Also, you have plenty of time to date other women. Even though it will hurt a lot to break up with her...you will probably be better off in the long run. Think of it as an experience that will help you in your future relationships. Sorry, this situation sucks. She is unhappy, you're unhappy...best thing is to end it.

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