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real breakup?

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Doesn't matter what its over, the girl is playing immature mind games if you want to deal with it then so be it but i'm tellin ya now it can only lead to trouble. Why would you want to date someone and move in with someone who can't make their mind up about what they want as far as breaking up with you one week and the next week she's begging for you to take her back over and over again.

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after breakup i did everything,stupid.must start rightaway NC,she accept my x-mas gifts,not giving my stuff back,i deleted her in messanger,half hour later invited her back,got declined,next day i try again,i got her to my messanger.too many mix sings and do not know what to think

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it is easy to say everyone that move on and forget her,get the new one.this was my 3rd relationship,first one 6 years,second 7 years ,now allmoust a year,thats why it is so hard to let go somebody who was everything for you in world and who you loved deeply in heart

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