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My ex boyfriend and I have a past of having gone out before for a short period of time. When we broke up, someone whom he doesn't like very much had asked me out. During that time my ex always tried to get my attention in class, he even exchanged words with my new boyfriend, and twice they challenged eachother to fighting on the school path. my relationship with the new kid only lasted three days, from the time of the school dance on a Friday to the following Monday in school. The whole thing just didn't feel right with him because I still had strong feelings for my ex...., who coincidentally talked with me constantly and danced with me at the school dance. He even asked my then boyfriend if he had asked me out and wanted to know my response.


My ex and I eventually got back together; he asked me out in December, the week before school break. Everything went great because he promised me he'd be a better boyfriend the second time around, and he kept that promise. Then over the break, one of his friends spoke to me over the computer telling me that he just didn't care anymore, that he had my boyfriend on the phone and that he had told the friend he didn't care and didn't care to see me over the break. I believed him and when school resumed, I saw my boyfriend wave at me and smile, but I marched up to him and gave him back the ring he gave me and pendant without even talking to him. He never expected me to break up with him. Turns out that I misunderstood his friend. Since then I wrote a really strong letter to a mutual friend, and he read it. It explained how happy I was when we were together and how much I care about him. It broke the ice.


The other day he and I went to the mall with a mutual friend.We really had a good time, but I've been seeing another guy for a week now who happens to be a sort of friend to him. my ex questioned how he and I are doing and also brought up the misunderstanding that broke us up to begin with, My ex is still mad at the friend who made me think he never cared about me to begin with. My ex then asked who I'd be taking to the ninth grade formal while we were at the mall. It struck me as strange when he knew I was going out still with his "sort of friend". I answered that I was still unsure, but a few minutes later I asked him if he would like to go, and he was happy and accepted my offer.


Although my present boyfriend and him use to be better friends, he seems even closer and more friendlier to him since we started going out. I have many reservations about my new boyfriend because he's at least two years younger, and although I love him and respect him, I just don't have the same kind of feelings for him. I'm so confused why my ex accepted my offer to go to the formal dance, and why he'd even question my new relationship or ask me who I planned on taking to the formal. Our mutual friend, who's a girl,said he doesn't think I still like him romantically since I'm seeing his friend, but at the same time she said he doesn't want to see his friend hurt like he felt when I broke up with him.


I feel he wants to be with me and vice versa, but breaking up with my current boyfriend and us getting immediately back together wouldn't look good. Besides, if I did break off my relationship, I don't think he'd ask me right away because it would be too soon and it wouldn't look right. I'm in need of advice. Thankyou to all who respond.

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I don't wish to be harsh on you but I think you are being really reckless with the feelings of all these boys and it is time that you stopped. I think you should break up with your current boyfriend and not be with anyone for a while - you need some perspective on how to conduct a relationship.


In the future I think you should pay less attention to what other people tell you about your boyfriends and even less attention to 'how it will look',

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