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Do I keep doing what I'm doing and hope that she likes me???

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I've never done this before so...here goes...


Hi, thanks for reading this whoever...


I met this girl about 2 months ago, and I'm well...basically you could say that I'm infatuated with her, but we've talked online and in person at our youth group and things like that. I guess we've become pretty good friends. About two weeks ago however, her little sister, * by the way the girl I really like is 15 and her sister is 12*, got me to confess that I liked her older sister...how does she do that? But anyways a few people know that I like her and I'm not sure if she knows I like her or not but I guess it's pretty obvious. I tell her that she's beautiful and that I enjoy being around her.


The problem is however, that I'm sorta shy, and even though we talk alot, I'm not sure what to do. Should I tell her how I feel, because everyone has the feeling that I just like her but I think it's more than that. Or, should I wait it out? Every other guy in my youth group likes her, and I don't think I stand a chance. We were playing a game one night and she said she had a great time with me and that I have a great personality, but I don't think that means much in the way of love, or however you put it. Right now we just talk and play games together, but how do I go about expressing my feelings? Do I just keep doing what I'm doing and hope that she'll like me?


Thanks for reading...

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Well, I have mixed feelings.


I think on 1 hand, time is good, take more time to get to know eachother and let things progress naturally, but on the other hand, I believe the saying- ''Nothing ventured nothing gained''. I perhaps think a little more time would be good, take time, are there any signs that she likes you? She thinks you have a great personality so Im sure if she doesn't feel the same she'll want you as a friend, which is better than nothing. Chances are she may even know, If I was 12 and found out someone liked my sister I'd have told her and teased her!! So maybe she's expecting it??


Just take time with this and see what happens, and dont be shy, if she doesn't feel the same, Im sure theres another special girl out there waiting to meet you.


Good luck

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Chances are, she knows how you feel. If you show her that you

really care, then she should be able to recipricate back to you.


If she doesn't, then oh well, move on, because you could be barking up her tree in 10 years, and she'd still feel the same.


Women either feel for you, or they don't. Often times, they're polite. So don't misinterpret politeness as someone liking you.

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I wouldn't worry about telling her. Trust me, one thing I know about sisters is that they NEVER keep a secret from eachother. (Unless they hate eachother or at eachothers throgts for their parents attention.) Basically, chances are she knows. Now its your time to act. You can tell her how you feel (which she knows) because if you don't, she'll think your either a coward or you don't really like her. If you don't tell her, you'll never know how she feels for you. If you do tell her, be yourself and don't become aggressive and don't expect any one answer (like don't tell yourself 'she'll say no') because you'll be in the mood in whatever answer she might give and you might scare her off. Just do what you heart tells you.

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