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My JUST FRIENDS Situation...I Wanna Take it Furthur...


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Hey all,


I have this guy friend I've been friends with for 3 years now and the first year I had known him we were only 14, and he confessed his feelings for me, that he had feelings for me as more than a friend and he wanted to go out with me, but I declined because personally i wasn't ready at all at 14...So now we're both 16 and he's kinda had those feelings on and off for me, but today we had a study session with a bunch of our friends and he and I sat accross from each other...the WHOLE time we were eyeing each other and I had never felt so attracted to him...it was a weird feeling, like at that moment I was like, 'Wow, I wanna be with him...'


I think that my feelings have changed, just because we're both older and I think we can handle a situation like this...I know he's gonna ask me out again...I want to do it, but I'm still afraid of the 'our friendship will never be the same', but also i'm 16 and i wanna take a chance at something...

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Hurry and ask him out tomorrow , today if you can, before some other girl notices him and dates him. If you have his phone number, call him now, and ask him out on a date. Do it because you'll be regretting it forever, don't be shy you KNOW he wants you, so that's all the more benefit for you to hurry and take it to the next level.

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