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Help They Wont Go Away

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I've got these, old friends who I decided to separate my life from a few months ago. They were sisters who liked to play mind games with me. I had enough of their crap on night and told them to leave me alone and never call me again.


Of course that was code word for them to txt me and call me blocking their number constantly. It was terrible. They always ask questions they know the answers to "why are you doing this, that and the other thing to us" and all I tell them is "please leave me alone, I already gave you your answers"


So I had my cell number changed. No that wasn't good enough, they managed to find out what it was from somebody and they started up again. So I said leave me alone, go on with you life and please leave me alone.


So they egged my car tonight, I got in my car and drove around. I found them out driving, and they drove past me and my cell rang immediately after so I knew it was them. But they were making noises on the phone and just messing around it was ticking me off so bad.


So here I am, I dont know what to do. I dont have evidence for a restraining order and getting 2 orders would be hard enough because I would need evidence on both of them.... Their acts are so sparatic I cant carry a video camera around with me.


I've asked them nicely to leave me alone, I've tried being mean so they would leave me alone, I've told them I'd get the cops involved and they STILL wont leave me alone...


Should I just ignore them? What if they damage my vehicle more? What do i do! argh so angry!

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If you have a mobile camera, and just videotape it that your entire car is egged, and when they call you, record the message. Then with the recordings goto the police and ask for a restraint order, its like this.


You KNOW there will be more attacks in the future, the only thing you have to do is to record it, for instance if the phone rings, and you know its them, put it on record and say things on the phone like ' please leave me alone' in quite a desperate (but natural way) and something like ' i told you over and over not to call me again' , if you goto the police with stuff like that, and ask for a restraint order and file charges, then the police has to act. Remember you are the only one who can make efforts to convince the law that they have to put a restraining order upon them. Its harrasment .link removed

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Are your friends aware of this harassment? you can have them serve as witnesses when you file a complaint... also, unblock your number and just let your phone record the number of calls, and let them leave their harassing messages etc. take pictures of any damage such as the egging, and when you have enough evidence,you can go to the police. they will talk to them and tell them to back off, and if that doesn't work, then go for a restraining order.

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The first thing to do is to not think about them unless they're right in front of you. I've been through all this, so I know what you're going through. But it's very important, once you have taken the steps to make your belongings as secure as you can, to stop thinking about them.


Now. You have to let go of the idea that you can control what happens to your car, house, etc. Don't even think about it unless something happens, and if it does, contact the police, the insurance company -- whatever's necessary. People's cars get vandalized all the time without them knowing who does it. It's just a thing that happens, and then it's over, and life gets back to normal.


If they text you or call you or whatever, contact the phone company. They can block the number that the prank callers are calling from, if you call the phone company immediately. At least, they can with a landline. I don't know about cells, but you can check.


This is all going to end eventually. They are going to grow up, have jobs, kids, divorces, whathaveyou -- and it's going to be alot less important what's going on in your life than what's happening to theirs. The important thing is to keep them out of your life, permanently. The damage they can do by egging your car is nothing compared to what they can do if they are on the inside, with access to people and relationships you care about.


If it gets nuts, really nuts, consider moving, or travelling for awhile. People like this like to imagine that they are more important to you than they actually are. Really, they're just an inconvenience, that you can forget about when they're not actually there. Like bad weather, or a toothache. Don't let it get to you personally.

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