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A lot of girls not approachable b/c of other guys


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I've become somewhat more easy-going with talking to girls, but it seems that most beautiful girls are constantly surrounded by "guy friends" who get territorial when other guys try to talk to those girls. Why do girls surround themselves with guy friends even when they want to meet new guys? It always seems like even girls that are single act like everyone of her guy friends is her boyfriend. They sit in their laps, give them kisses etc. I'd have to take their word for it if they told me that it is just innocent friendly behavior; but to me it contributes to that situation where girls wonder why guys don't commit. I mean, if a guy has a large group of beautiful girls for friends that were constantly hanging on him, sitting on his lap and basically flirting with him all the time, odds are he won't want to give that up. And it just helps his reputation with getting girls he can use and abuse. Guys that are seen with scores of beautiful women will attract more women, because it boosts his social status. It is sort of like that phrase "Why buy a cow when you can get the milk for free?" It makes me wonder how I'll know if a girl is truly interested when she is so affectionate and flirty with guys so easily. When girls act like that I assume she just wants to party and isn't "available" so I would just assume not try getting close to her.


Maybe I don't get it because I've never had beautiful girls that wanted to hang out with me. What makes girls hang out with guys in that way? I feel like I'm missing out on being friends with great girls because I"m not as wild and fun as the guys girls hang out with; as if the only way to be friends with hot girls is to be a "party animal" cause those seem to be the only kind of guys attractive girls are friends with.

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It depends dude because honestly I find that those kinds of girls are usually INTOXICATED! So they CLEARLY let their inhibitions go (which isn't a far cry from what they'd like to do sober, they're usually just to self-conscious to do so). But that's why you gotta ask yourself if you truly want any of these girls because she's desired so much or if you can see through all of it and look at who she is.


I seem to run into the same kind of girls because I know I'm into going to parties and drinking and I want the same from the girl I'm with because I want her to be there with me while we both go partying. If we can't trust each other because one is always out partying while the other stays home or isn't doing those things, its tough. Doesn't make it right, but that once again depends on your preference. If you are able to live with this then her business is her business. The only time it isn't is when you two have gotten to the point where being that way with other people is no longer necessary.


In other words if you two aren't mutually exclusive (don't just ASSUME you are, I don't know HOW many times I hear girls getting mad because guys just assume they're dating and are a couple), then get used to seeing her out with other guys and dating and doing god knows what else. If you're not fine with this then WALK AWAY! Really you don't gotta stick around and feel bad because that girl is like that. Besides I find more times than not the girl stays faithful to the one that they feel the most attraction for. Even if they're attracted to you one minute, it DOES NOT mean it'll stay that way. Because most of the time they're going by sensory attraction as opposed to logical kind. You know the one that says not to be a make-out lol and see the good in the guy/girl infront of you.


Then again this is coming from a guy who is one that gets a fair share of girls following him and wanting to make-out with him. Many times that's the least of what I'll do with them and usually is the most frequent thing. Typically I don't move past that as I for one don't wanna catch an STD and two I don't like dry sex but prefer relational sex. I find that although I see girls out making out with other guys that they're on the same page with me on this and I've found a girl recently who I'm willing to tone it down with and it sounds like she is on the same page as well.


Be honest with yourself dude and ask yourself how badly you want this girl and if its worth denying who you are to get it. If it is in line with your beliefs and you're ok with certain behaviours then continue and if you feel yourself being totally turned off, well then there's your answer! Keep trying dude sometimes we don't see it at first, but we typically attract a mate similar to what we're looking for. Afterall would it make sense for the other person to be attracted to you when you're not close to their type in any way? On some level you see in each other what you're looking for right?


Hope this helps mate.

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It always seems like even girls that are single act like everyone of her guy friends is her boyfriend. They sit in their laps, give them kisses etc.


I think this should serve as a major red flag that this is not someone what you would want to approach or date. If a person acts this way they are looking for attention, and IMO, the wrong kind. It sounds immature. If you ended up dating one of these girls, you would never be comfortable with her friends because you'll know that she acts inappropriately around them.


If it is indeed due to intoxication, ask yourself if you want to bother with someone that can't be trusted when they drink....



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And why would you be thrilled with dating such a girl?

I really doubt it how this is the way you want your gf to behave.


exactly, but it just seems that every attractive girl is like this. They all seem to have guy friends they are so close to that I wonder why guys who are interested would even bother talking to them. Like you said, I hesitate even to bother getting to know them because I feel like I'd have to fight their friends just to get their attention; and even if I did get somewhere with them I'd be paranoid about her behavior with those guy friends. That might appear to be jealousy but not to me, especially considering circumstances I described.

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exactly, but it just seems that every attractive girl is like this.


I am not shure how old are you, but I am guessing you might be little bit younger that I am.

Every attractive girl is not like this. With time being attractive means something completely different, people tend to value some other things more.


We girls tend to dress good and to put a lot of make up when we go out in the evening, especcialy while clubbing. We give the best of ourselfs to look good.

But you need to see us in the morning without make up and in normal clothes, than some other things become more important.

So I think they look good because they put a lot of effort to look good.


I think you should try talking to a girl in your social circle that seems nice, is qute, but not gorgeous and has same interests you have.


Usually we want things we can't have.

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