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I do not understand, why is this happening to me?

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I wrote my ex an email after not talking for 4 months. It was a really hard


thing for me to do,but I did it. I figured that I had to try to reconect with


her or I would regret it forever. Well it has been a week, and I have


gotten no reply. I feel like such a fool. Why has she not replied? I need


help cause it is driving me crazy. Please I need some advice badly

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Hi kantore,


I know where you sit, I've been there too many times before. My suggestion is to let the email go, and expect nothing in return. If you get your hopes up, you're setting up for disappointment. There is a chance she'll respond, but nothing is for sure so keep on living your life and don't pull your hair out over it... there's nothing else you can do. You've said what was needed, and when she gets it, she'll read it and decide for herself what to do. I urge you not to send another email, and just remember that you've said your words, and she can decide what to do about it.


Relax, breathe deep, and close eyes. Just live for yourself right now.


Good luck!


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There can be a few reasons why she hasn't contacted you back. I was thinking of doing the same thing with my ex (it's been two months) but I just can't. I'm afraid she may do the same thing.


It's possible she hasn't gotten it yet (out of town possibly)


She may be with someone else, I mean it has been four months now and she may be afraid to stir up new feelings.


She may fear falling for you again and it would just be easier to just let it go.


She may be waiting for the right time to respond and she doesn't yet know what to say.


I just want to give you some advice, you already took the first step to contact her....leave it at that. Don't write her back, if she does respond then write back, but if she doesn't just leave it be. Move on and let yourself find new people, you may be preventing yourself from finding a great girl by trying to hold on to your ex.

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I know how you are feeling. I too had a girl that I thought could be that special person and she decided she wasn't ready for a committed relationship. I assume she broke up with you?


Time gives both parties a chance to reflect on what happened and where they want to be. She may be with someone else, but she also just need some time to think of a response. It has been 4 months. She's moved on without your input in her life. So getting an e-mail from you might have been a shocker to her. But that doesn't mean she is completely over you. You could have gave her heart a little jolt and she might be rekindling those old feelings you two shared.


Moral of the story, while you wait for her response get out and enjoy life. Be with friends, explore new interests and hobbies. When she responds(it could be another week[ever think her e-mail changed?], but I think she will cause you guys once had something) she'll see how you were able to stand on your two own feet and make it in this world. Girls find that attractive. If it's meant to be love will find a way.

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