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Tremendous amount of help needed.

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So the girl that I'm in to right now gave me her number on Thursday after I asked for it. She went to Vegas with a bunch of her girlfriends. I was wondering if I should call her and see how her trip was going or wait until she got back. We see each other in class monday through friday so I could sort of ask about it then, but i thought she would notice that I was interested if I actually called her while she was on her trip.


So I called her. *dun dun DUN* and I get to her answering machine. I really didn't expect this scenario for some reason and had trouble leaving a message. I simply said


"Hey C, this is H. I was just calling to see how your trip was going and stuff. I was just hanging out and wanted to see how you were doing. Alright, if you want you can call me back. I'll talk to you later. Bye"


I'm not sure if that was such a great message to leave. I hope it was though.


Another thing I forgot to tell her about is that I can't send or receive text messages. I noticed in class that she texted a lot of people so maybe she texted me or something but I don't know whether she did or not.


Did I make the right decision by calling her? Also, was the message I left any good? What comes next? I'm really new to this and I have no experience calling someone I barely know and talking to them (All the relationships I've had before started with IM conversatoins.)

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ya boss, it was ok, but don't say you can call me back if you want, cas this she'll think oh well i can call him back whenever, say call me back when you get a chance, cas then she'll know she has to call back, and if you don't get a cal within about a day or 2 call again and if you get the machine, leave another message and say call me soon, and then if she still don't call back, wait maybe 2 days and if she doesnt you got the option to call and if she still don't pick up leave a message and wait for a call, no call from her again, forget her cas she gave u the number just to get u outa her hair, and calling her was a good idea cas it showed u cared how she was doing on her trip, she maybe busy, don't over call her wait a day or 2 in between calls, or you'll seem to needy

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