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Well,i'm trying online dating site again and i found a man profile that i like but the man is 5'0 tall and i'm 5'5'' without high heels.Has any woman dated a man shorter then herself?


Yes, when I worked as a stable hand at the racetrack. Lots of exercise riders and a few jockeys...most of them were shorter than me. I am 5'4".

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yes, i am tall, and have dated both shorter and taller men, and really, it was the quality of the relationship and attraction that had more to do with the person and other factors than just height...


and i imagine if this guy is 5 feet tall, he is used to all women being as tall or taller than him, so if you like him, don't let that stop you...


btw, there are also lots of men who don't care if women are taller than them... plenty of rock stars who could choose anyone choose women who are a head taller than them, so if the guy has sufficient confidence and an attraction to you, it shouldn't matter. other people may comment on it, but who cares about them, it is your life and who you choose to date.

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My boyfriend is 5'8 and I'm 5'9 1/2.


But it really doesn't matter.

I'm not gonna lie though--too much shorter than that and I'd be paranoid. I'm a little paranoid now sometimes, but I love him and we can laugh about it. Hey, what are you gonna do?

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I have to confess that I am a bit picky about height myself. I'm very tall (5'10" in bare feet, fugettabout in heels), and I kinda pass by guys when I am looking on online dating sites who are shorter. Its an attraction thing I guess. I like the guy to be bigger than me, be it height-wise, strength-wise or build-wise. It makes me feel more feminine, which I never really had towering over all the guys growing up (and being bigger and stronger than many to boot). I guess even though I am confident and capable on my own, some instinctive part of me likes the idea that a guy could physically protect me or something. I can't really rationalize it.


I'd consider a shorter guy if he approaches me with an interesting profile or initial email, but I don't approach them myself. So far though, only guys my own height or taller have contacted me, so I guess at my height most guys prefer equal or shorter women.

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I honestly believe half of the whole "height" debate is social construction. We are socialized to believe certain truths, whether they are fiction in reality or not. I think one of these is the height stereotype.


I think most women wouldn't care if there's a difference in a few inches. But it begs the question. Why do women care? Why do they want taller guys? There are actually some pretty good feminist arguments that say that some women are just reinforcing this gender stereotype.


Just stirring the pot a little

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Well,i'm trying online dating site again and i found a man profile that i like but the man is 5'0 tall and i'm 5'5'' without high heels.Has any woman dated a man shorter then herself?


Yes a little shorter & with heals you can really tell but you can see celebrity couples like Tom & Katie? she is taller I think & it doesn't seem to matter.


What does matter to me is perhaps TOO TALL & coordination... I mean I Have danced with some really tall bbplayers & their knees can hit you in awkward places it was just horrible & out of sink.


I think personality & physical attraction while together will be more important than height.

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