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I figured out that I need to get out more and interact with people and stuff like that, besides keeping to myself at school and being online most of the time. I realized that I have been depressed and feeling out of sorts lately because I haven't been going out much and doing stuff around PEOPLE.


I actually spent some time with my family this weekend (brother yesterday and parents today) and although my mom is still somewhat driving me batty, I actually am having a decent time.


I guess we humans are social creatures and if we take that socialization out, we become very depressed and hermit-like, and that in turn, feeds into our depression and people-avoidance behaviors.


I am not saying that I ALWAYS want to be around people. Good heavens, I dont, but I realize I SHOULD get involved in more things at school and in life, so I am not always stuck at home or on the computer.


Socialization is a GOOD thing,


Hopefully I can feel this good about things for a while. I tend to shift up and down a lot. But, this weekend, I seem to be having a good time, for ONCE, with my family and going out and doing things is somewhat bringing some sunshine into me.


I'm tired though and am going to stay one more night at the parents, which is extremely UNUSUAL for me.

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It's nice to be around others--even just being in their presense and not even talking--yeah, that's heaven for me. Today I enjoyed a day of shopping with one of my girlfriends who I have known since kindergarten. We had a blast! Girlfriends are a good thing! A lunch or shopping date with the girls can really pull me out of the doldrums

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I find it is much more difficult to make friends in your 30's. Most people already have their own little network. Since my best friend moved a couple hours away i've had to be a wee bit more social.


I've consciously put myself out there a bit more with people at work, gym, and just in general. I tend to be a bit of a loner, but, i too, need that interaction.


Very important to get out into that land of the living. Even if you don't feel it, you need to force yourself

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Are there some nice people in your grad classes, Ren? Another thing to consider to meet people in real life: how about joining a volunteer organization. My sister became an EMT and volunteers for the ambulance and she has met a lot of new people....and she has a new found sense of camaraderie.

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Most of the people in my grad classes are preoccupied with their families and/or SO's. I also seem to have a hard time making friends and I think part of it has to do with me being in my 30's. When I first moved out here, it was very hard for me because I left a lot of friends and acquaintances behind.


I actually am going to try to do more things besides staying at home and hanging on the computer.


It's been a while since I felt somewhat good lately.

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Do you like to read Ren? How 'bout joining a book club. One of my friends who got married and moved off to Ohio (leaving all her friends and family in another state) joined a book club out in Ohio. She has made some friends from the book club. She also made a trip back home two weekends ago and we all went out to dinner...just like old times.

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Another vote for women in their 30's.


A book club is a great idea Hoss! A friend of mine does this and she enjoys it alot.


Other ideas are volunteering at your local hospital or nursing home (get to meet alot of amazing people that way), or taking a non credit course in something that interests you like cooking, sewing, photography, creative writing.... really get those cogs and gears rolling and make some new friends in the process!

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PS - I used to volunteer at the animal shelter. I'd walk dogs, hard to not get emotional over some of the stories...but, not only are you helping out man's (or woman in their 30's) best friends you get some rather studly animal control men or male dog lovers coming through the doors.


Something to think about.

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