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How do you know if a guy is that into you?


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I know if he is into me as far as wanting to date me if he calls me and asks me out for a date he plans in advance whether expensive, inexpensive, free, somewhere in between. Up until that point I might think he is attracted to me or likes to flirt with me but it means nothing to me unless he asks me out on a proper date. If you do want to know if he is attracted to you - whether or not he wants to date you - some signs are eye contact, trying to make you laugh, taking a sincere interest in your daily life, returning your calls promptly or calling you just to chat, etc. It's very easy to send quick texts or emails so I wouldn't give that much weight.

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I completely agree with Batya. There's a difference in a guy being attracted to you, and also wanting to date you though. For instance, one guy I started dating... he was definitely giving me all the signs of being 'attracted' to me -- touching, flirting, sexual innuendos, whatever, but then he wouldn't be so committed to keeping in touch. (well initially he was, but then that sorta died down.) I got the impression he just wanted sex.


In contrast, I flirt with guys all the time, just because I like it, and i guess it's a bit of an ego boost... I like their personality as well, but I'm not serious about it... so i'll hold eye contact, and be nice with them, but I won't ask them out or anything. i guess i'm a bit of a flirt in that way... but guys can be the same, flirt with multiple women at once. You won't *really* know if he's into you, unless you start dating and he keeps in touch and maintains that... if he doesn't ask you out, or it seems sorta 'in between', he says you should meet sometime but doesn't say when, or doesn't really call you back, then he's not so into you.

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