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So I found out the real reason she broke up with me

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We had a nice long talk the other night and cleared the air.


here is my original thread for a little background.



So yeah, back to our talk. We talked about where things went wrong, and how we were both doing. It seemed like she being the dumper was having a much easier time dealing with and I told her that. She got a little upset by that, almost on the verge of tears because she says that this isn't easy on her. I told her how I felt and said a lot of the things I've been wanting to say but was too afraid to either push her away or make things awkward. It was nice to have that talk and not really change anything.


This was a little over a month ago we've been apart, but we've still been seeing each other on a regular basis. Doing a lot of "date" type things and sometimes just hanging out doing nothing at all. Sometimes its as if things are back to the way they were, other times i'm not sure sure.


Long story short, she wants to be with me, she misses me. BUT at this stage she just isn't sure if she wants to spend the rest of her life with me. She even says sometimes she's in denial about things because they happened so suddenly and we both still spend so much time together.


We've been communicating a lot better since we broke up than we ever did when we were together. The problem is we both like to keep things to ourselves, but thats gotten a lot better in the last coupld of weeks.

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I will never understand how things are better when people are broken up. The same thing happened to me. So much so, I thought there might be a chance of reconcilliation. But, there was not. She told me flat out that she was sorry and she wanted him.


The funny thing is, why treat me better now, than ever before? Why call me all of last month? Now, I have not heard from her at all, except to say that she was sorry for all she had done.


We also kept EVERYTHING inside. Especially her. I had a counselor tell me that we did not trust one another, to not hurt each other. Maybe that is in your case too.


Good luck, but protect your heart.

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