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does he like me.i hope he does.what do you think?


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There is this man i am attracted to.We flirt. He smiles at me while he is talking,looks me in the eyes and then sometimes doesn't at all.Becomes louder when i am around too and it seems like he tries to get my attention by doing this.If i do something nice for him ,he will do something nice for me.There has been a few times when we weren't in conversation but just passing eachother and he stared me down and it made me uncomfortable so i had to look away.And when he did stare me down he looked serious.



He tricked me and when i looked up and saw him and realised it was him he started laughing. he teases me and jokes around and on occasion i have seen him looking at me. Sometimes he does things to just bug me. he only really talks to me if its just me and him.If other people are around he goes quiet.I have had people he talks to walk by me and say hi even though i've never spoken to them before.




Then other times he will hardly talk at all but he does move closer when he does talk and stand directly in front of me. i want to know does he like me or is it just wishful thinking?

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Ive been reading your posts..and here we are again. Yes he likes you. Now its time to do something about it. Ask him for Coffee, or tell him you think hes cute...its time you did something about it! Im sure hes into you, all the signs are there afterall. If he doesnt say yes, its his loss!


Good Luck

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From what you say, he KNOWS you like him and is teasing you a little. It sounds like something good is going on.


Let him chase you a little, be available but don't hang around hoping he will flirt/talk to you. When you see him talk/flirt etc but always be just on the way out, going someplace. Make him feel like he's missing out on time with you and leave him wanting more but ALWAYS show your interest and flirt with him when he's around.

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With guys you always have to be direct in what you want so ask him out directly in his face, say something like , you don't have to answer immediately but i was thinking if you would like to go out with me next week to the movie(x)


I definitly think you should try to bring it to the next level.

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