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I had dinner with a friend of mine that I just so happen to like. We sat for three hours just talking. Now while in this conversation she started talking about dancing. She was telling me how she has to reach up to her bf (who is 6'0) even with high heels on. The outta the blue she said "Thats why I think we wouldn't work well together, because you are so big I don't think my arms could make it around you." I was taken aback. I didn't know whether she was testing me or what, but yea. I told her, "Oh I sure we could make it work." and from there we sorta wondered off into another topic.


I was wondering if she really was testing me, or if somehow she figured out that I liked her and that was her way of telling me no. Just so you know, I've never let her know of my feelings for her.

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It's probably not on purpose. she can sense your attraction and her subconscious mind is slipping subtle hints into conversation that she's not interested. I am in a similar situation, only I have told my friend I'm attracted to her. When I told her, she just sat there with an unsure look on her face. We got over the awkwardness, but she has never told me she is not interested. If anything, she has been dropping hints she is interested and would date me if she didn't have a boyfriend. How's that for confusing?

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lol GH, that does sound pretty confusing, but it does sound like you have a chance with it.


As for why, its just because I would like to know what is going on. Its more my personality than anything speaking. I like to know whats going on when and where. Also, if she is dropping me hints then it is apparent that SHE does like me and everyone here is about doing what the other person wants. Boyfriend or not, it is the girls decision. Her bf is only 6'0 and like 150lbs (my guess), I am 6'8 and 255lbs. meanwhile she is 5'4 and like 110lbs. So its kinda hard to say Im a dainty person. I actually didn't see her comment as rude because you can't call me anything else besides big or huge or anything.

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