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Guy's who can dance


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Just with women who dance.


Yes. I guess if a woman did not dance, she wouldn't care. I have had good luck with some women, because I love to dance and will try any kind of dancing. I love to Salsa, the most. There is something about the music that just makes you wanna shake you bon bon. ;-)


And the girlies that Salsa, oh my LAWD!!! LAWD HAVE MERCY! MMM! HAVE MERCY!!!

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Not sure what you mean by easier. I think it is helpful if you go out and enjoy dancing. I have always been a wallflower when it came to dancing. I have tried to go out and enjoy it, and i'm simply too self conscious to enjoy it. Im sure if i was able to enjoy dancing and well the music they play at clubs(I cant stand) then i would probably meet more women.


SO in my opinion yes i gues it makes meeting the opposite sex that much easier in a club.

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What do people think? Do guys who can dance have it easier with the girls?


Of course they do. I tried to dance at a party tonight, but my knee wouldn't let me get through more than one dance.


If you can dance, you've got a huge advantage with most women. No question about it.


You don't even have to be a good dancer. Just good enough to not look like a seizure is good enough.

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Just with women who dance.


I don't even know how to dance, so learning would be a bit wasted on me...


However... most women do appreciate dancing, and most men try like hell to avoid it! If you like to dance, that leave a lot of dancing partners for you.... (And a good excuse to go in close and hold each other... )

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I love men who can dance, even men who can't dance but do anyway. I had a situation a couple of months ago where i went out with some guy friends, one couldn't dance, the other could. After much persuading to the man who couldn't dance, he got up and made the effort, i knew it was a huge thing for him to overcome, but he wasn't that bad!!! he just didn't have alot of confidence in himself, i stayed and danced with him and he began to enjoy himself and wasn't so selfconscious and it was a brilliant night because of it

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not just woman who can dance. also woman who can't dance. if you can dance (especially salsa) woman are normally bored and more then keen to get up on the dance floor, the only ones that are hesitant at first are the ones who can't dance, with a bit of persuasion you can normally tell them that it's ok and that you'll teach them. they always appreciate it, even more then woman who can already dance.

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if you are at a club, you better be able to dance. women see everything at a dance club.



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exactly. and not just at the club, girls notce and remember a good dancer. i've been dancing in clubs for fun for half a year, and was dancin in the central park when they had summer salsa.


now i get strangers approaching me saying they noticed me dancing last sumer or something. i didn't even notice them at these clubs as i was just enjoying hte salsa dancing, but obviously these woman noticed my dancing.


this is in a city of around 200k, and i've been going out dancing on a weekly basis, and obviously it's attracted attention from some people.


my best pickup tip, take some salsa classes. (also the salsa girls are hot, frinedly, and very approachable, and you get to know a lot of woman when you switch partners all the time).

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