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how do I get thie girl - need advice

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I met my friend Rachel about sometime in November. We met just as she got a boyfriend. My friend Pat introduced me to her and quickly I started falling for this girl. Shes got an amazing smile and personality. However, the guys shes with is 27-28 years old who lives back with his parents cause hes in debt, and all he does is smoke weed all the time. Shes 19 and they clearly dont belong together. She told me a couple months ago that she wasnt sure about him and not happy with him and felt he might pressure her into doing something she might not wanna do. I been playing it cool and she knows I like her alot but its a matter of convincing I guess. Last friday she wrote a lil thing on her myspace blog about how she feels alone and doesnt understand things, people whatever anymore. I talked to her about it and shes stressed cause of school but also she is confused with her b/f cause he kinda ignores her and stuff. I said stuff like "maybe you dont like him as much as you think you do" and shes like "yeah i know i thought about it" ..but she didnt go far into it.


How do I prove to her that I'm better than her boyfriend and make her like me? lol

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yeah im just being patient and hoping for the best. He is indeed way to old for her and I just wanna show her that prince charming is right in front of her. She even told me shes never had a good boyfriend before and well - this guy isnt anything different. Hopefully she can see and realize.

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