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hi all,


I'm just having one of those days. Actually, I feel a bit nervous, you see my ex had a pattern all laast year about contacting me about every month and a half. the day before New Year's Eve, I asked her not to contact me anymore, and she said sae'd respect my wish. I heard all of that last year! I know I can just ignore herbut I really don't want her to contact me. I know i can only do what is in my power, but still it feels a little scary.

On another note, I came accross some great revelations. I realised that this girl that cheated on me is highly dysfunctional. it sucks, and it's sad. I mean, she's still working at the same place with the same boss in her face all day, doing the same things. I can't think of anyone who would have stayed working there. In my opinion, she accepted the dysfunction and decided to go along with it instead of facing her issues. she's a coward, and I don't want her calling me, which is why I'm leaving the apartment next month. She'll never know.

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Paco: I feel your pain everytime I read a post.


It is as if you feel you don't want her to call and it would be bad for her to call, but you kinda wish she would call and things would be different. Well, maybe that is just how I feel, but I sense a little of that in you.


Maybe we all feel that way at some time.

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