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Second date idea

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Here is a question that I was wondering about. I enjoy cooking and I think its fun to cook for a man.


Often times, the first date is left up to the guy to plan..in my experience anyway. Then the second date is hemmin and hawin over where to go/what to do..btoh parties trying to please eachother.


Would the second date be too soon to offer to cook a casual dinner at my place? I have often thought of suggesting this but worried it'd make me seem tooooo eager.

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It depends on how well you know the guy. Personally I wouldn't invite a guy into my house that I didn't know very well. If you don't feel comfortable, I'd suggest something fun, like mini-golf or maybe going bike riding if you do that, and take a picnic in backpacks. If it's cold where you are, maybe you could treat him to a college basketball game and then dinner at a fun restaurant. But if you do feel comfortable, a casual dinner is a cool idea. Keep it simple though--something you are familiar with making. Then it will look to him like you're a breeze in the kitchen and it will be good too! You could have him over to watch the game on TV and make man-food like chili and/or wings and stuff like that. Just a suggestion!

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How about a romantic dinner instead? just prepare everything in advance (also take in account possible change of plans so you won't have to throw everything away if he doesn't show up or gets delayed or if you get into trouble , what im saying is expect the unexpected)


A casual dinner would just be strange ,especially on the second date, you'd expect more romance and getting to know eachother, plus a romantic dinner would give you the oppertunity to cook for him anyway.

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I agree with cherrytree..... I think it may be too early for a homecooked meal from you. And yes, if you don't know him too well, it may be waaaay too early to invite him to your house. Safety first!


For me, I'd kind of a like to see if a guy is "worth it" before I start cooking dinners for him. I love to cook, take classes, and have been complimented a lot on my cooking, so I don't know that that's something I want to do right off the bat for a man. but, that's just me...

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Why cant a casual dinner be romantic? When i say casual I mean cooking something im familiar with, having some drinks, etc...but nothing too high pressure.


This is of course considering that ive gotten to know the person, had a good first date, etc...


And let me clarify..this is a what if situation..not an actual event im expecting to happen.

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ahh..... I see..... this isn't an actual situation yet..... hm. I think you need to go on a case by case basis. if this is a man you met over the internet, I would not invite him to your house on the second date because you don't really know him. And cooking dinner for him can be quite a hassle! For example, I sometimes like to cook fancy meals and desserts, the ingredients for which may cost $40-50. I think spending that kind of money on a second date is far too much. (even if it just is at your house....)


Next, I am a bit more of a traditionalist, I prefer the guy ask me on 3-4 dates before I ask him out.


IMO, cooking for a man is more of a wifey/girlfriendy thing to do, I think the 2nd date is too soon for that sort of behavior.... but that is just me.

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Yes this has always been my general feeling too..that it should be more of a exclusive thing before I go cooking dinner for him.


The reason im bringing it up is theres been times where Im getting picked up at my house on the 3rd, 4th date or so and were going for drinks. Ive made myself dinner beforehand and would it be such a bad thing to invite him over earlier to join me? Thats why I mentioned casual.

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