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Pre-cum, what is true/false about it.


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I've been reading about pre-cum, and it seems that certain info conflicts with each other. I've read some that said pre-cum only contains sperm right after ejaculation, sperm isnt present after urinating as it flushes them out. I've also read that pre-cum contains sperm if the person ejaculated during the last 3 days. Unless the person didnt urinate for the past three days (which is of course almost impossible), then which one of them is true?


I've even read that recent studies that has yet to be confirmed shows that pre-cum contains no sperm.


Is there a chance of pregnancy from body rubbing with clothing/underwear on while being wet?


Pre-cum outside the vagina, risky?


Thats about it I guess, just wanted to clear some things up. Thanks

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My understanding is that when released internally (from the Cowper's gland I believe) precum contains no sperm. However, it can pick up sprem on the way out if there is any remaining there from a previous ejaculation. Sperm can live in the body for several hours, possibly a couple of days.


The acidity in urine does kill off sperm.


So, pretty much all of what you wrote is true. If you haven't orgasmed for a week and gone pee many times the odds of sprem in precum is extremely low. If you orgasmed since you last urinated there is a very high chance of sprem being present.


Getting pregnant is sometimes all about odds, and you know how that goes ... no matter how small a chance, once in a while you'll "beat" the odds. No matter how great a chance, once in a while you'll "miss".


There is quite a slim possibility (if any at all) in getting pregnant while rubbing together clothed before orgasming. There is a slight risk to precum outside the vagina causing pregnancy (provided the conditions for having sperm in precum as discussed about are met) but I'd think it extremely slight as well provided the wetness left didn't make it inside (for example on a finger).

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Doctors have told me it is possible to get pregnant from precum. Of course they want your money on their birth control, too.


Anyway, here is a really good answer I found somewhere:


Precum or pre-ejaculate is a fluid coming from the penis and is produced by man’s bulbourethral glands. The main bulbourethral gland is the prostate, and there are also few smaller glands that are situated in the body of the penis. They produce clear liquid that is similar to other mucous excretion of the body, the main difference is the different contents of proteins and increased concentration of sugars like fructose. Precum’s main purpose is cleaning the urethra from any bacteria or the leftovers of urine, also precum is a lubricant that is used for lubrication of the glans and foreskin during the intercourse. Depending on the person precum may or may not contain small amounts of spermatozoids, the chances of pregnancy are small but, since in theory, only one sperm is enough to get a woman pregnant there’s still a chance that the pregnancy will happen. It would be the safest to use condoms during the entire duration of the sexual intercourse.


So, sounds like precum washes away urine not urine washes away precum.

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All you have to do is look at how many people use the pull-out/withdrawal method who end up with children.


I have a couple of pre-cum nieces and nephews.


It is possible for a pregnancy to occur from pre-cum. If you don't want to use a condom/barrier method or pill......You can lower your chances by predicting when ovulation is going to occur in the woman and avoiding the most fertile days, perhaps also using a spermicide, even if you're going to pull out.


If you are not financially, emotionally, or psychologically ready for the possibility of an unplanned child, the withdrawal method is a very bad idea. It's essentially playing with fire, and some people do get burned.



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