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Need Confidence and Motivation

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Hey everyone.


I have decided that i am lazy and lack motivation. I think is because of a lack in confidence.


*On my days off work, ill find myself lazing about till 3pm in my PJ's just because i don't HAVE to get ready

*I procrastionate

*I can name about five things that i had to do today but now can't because i've wasted time on the PC or telly

*If i can't be bothered I won't do anything


I'm always like this and I hate it. I'll look up at the clock and realise it's 5pm and my day off is gone and wasted and i haven't done a damn thing, so i find that i have to rush like crazy to do whatever it is i had to do that day. I like to be productive but i see myself as a non achiever. Like I got thru school okay no worries got my yr 12 and all that, but i was the same then. never did homework till i woke up in the middle of the night thinking damn, i have an assignment due in six hours!!!! And i haven't started it yet! But i'd get it done. I just can't seem to pull myself together and get organised



But on the other hand, i am an absolute gun at work, i always have dinner on the table at a good time, if i have to be somewhere, i'm there with time to spare... I can't seem to figure it out.


If I can rush and get stuff done how come i can't do it during the day cassually? I am a very high stress person and im only like this on my days off... So thank god I work full time!

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In a years time i will still be living here with my partner, be promoted at work (as i said im a hard worker) have a years worth of the house paid off i guess...

I don't know... I have all of these wonderful goals, aspirations and dreams, but i have this annoying innability to finish what I start! Drives me nuts.

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Well I'm exactly the same. But if its your day off don't feel so guilty about it, you work full time so you should at least have a day of guilt free lounging. also it seems you are a 'deadline freak' and work best under pressure. Many people are the same for example journalists. how about setting yourself mini deadlines?

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Lol, so I am semi-normal lol glad im not the only one! I think i know what ur getting at... But heres the deal.. I have my day off, and I say right... "

u worked hard all week, and today u can do NOTHING chill out, eat watch tv, just be an absolute veg..."

But then i feel really crappy because i didn't achieve anything... my day wasn't productive.. If that makes any sense?? And then i have this enormous guilty feeling, and then I get really angry because im thinking "Hey, you could have done heaps today, but u did jack all" like i wasted a day..

But that seems intereresting about mini deadlines... care to elaborate??

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I'm exactly the same. High stress job, long hours and then on days off you just feel so tired and unmotivated to muster up the energy to do anything except sit.


The way I try to get around it is to pretend that I'm actually getting up for work and then do everything I need to do in the morning and set myself a deadline that everything that needs doing has to be done by 1pm at the latest then I change into my slobbing out clothes and really do slob about for the rest of the day.

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