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Dilema of a letter, need advice please!

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My girlfriend broke up with me 6 days ago, tried to contact her over the first couple of days but got pushed away (via text) then i have left it... for now.


We broke up 2 months ago, sent her a letter 2 weeks afterwards and we were back 3 days after that!!!


The last time we broke up was because of little things... mounted up... too much!!! This time round it was one big thing (cancelling a weekend trip she was looking, the day before).


Because text messages are not working and she doesn't answer the phone (although i haven't tried that in 4 days) i was thinking of sending her a letter as before. The thing is she is off on holiday next week for a week (don't know with whom or where... planning it last minute) and i don't know if to send the letter before she goes or after she comes back????


If i send it before she will be able to think of what the letter says while away on holiday...


... or if i send it to her after she comes back she might have had time to miss me and then sending her the letter by surprise.


The thing is, as i stated before, before it was lots if things so i thought leaving it 2 weeks was ideal... but this time round because it is just one big thing, maybe if i left it too long she might think i don't care about what happened?!?!?!?!


I don't know, i could be wrong... what do you think? Shall i send the letter Thursday (for her to get it Friday) or shall i leave it till she gets back?


Please... need advice!!!



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this is a hard one. if you send the letter before she might think that ur smothering her and she needs more space. if you wait she might like not having the space. you might just not send the letter at all but let her know you are there if she needs someone to talk to. i know you dont want to hear this but if she broke up with you two times it will happen again and it will be longer and longer and the pain will keep building up. it you must send the letter i would send it when she got back becuase i would obesses with what she is thinking the whole time she is away. i just couldnt wait that long. but please read these 1 quotes before you send the letter.


"No woman is worth crying over. The only one who is wont make you"


"If you love something let it go, If it comes back to you it`s yours, If it doesn`t, it never was"

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Poor Guy you worry way too much. Stressing over the delivery of this letter is not healthy. It apears you are really frantic to try and make this relationship work and i'm not sure if you are the type to break up and get right back together constantly or not or if you'd just had one other incidient but I would just hold off on this letter. I think she apparently wants some time away from you and time to enjoy her holiday and you should try and enjoy yourself too. If you really want to write that letter and you insit on it wait until she comes back. I think though if she doesn't want you to talk to her or message her on the phone I don't think she would want a letter. I'm not exactly sure of the reasons of this cancelled trip but, i'm sure there is a reason you can't surely work it out when she finally is ready to talk to you. Then maybe you can work things out for the better.

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Hello and I am sorry to hear about the difficult time you are going through. However, I feel that if you contacted your ex you would be making your situation worse.


I hear what you are saying about the last time that you both broke up but I think that because this is quite a short time after that you should leave all contact with her until she contacts you. If you do contact her you are not giving her the space that she needs and she may retaliate with anger and frustration.


I know it sounds hard and feels hard right now but you need to gather your friends about you and get out of the house every night/day for a couple of weeks and occupy your mind with other things other than this girl. You are at the stage in a break up which is similar to grieving where irrational thoughts and desperation take over, making you think of different ways to win her back or contact her. Discipline yourself to not do it. You know deep down that you should leave it...she knows where you are and if she wants to contact you she will...


We at eNotalone are here day and night for you buddy so if at any point you get really anxious or scared come on here and talk....



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