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approaching strangers


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Here is the deal. There's this girl that I have developed a crush on in one of my classes. Problem is that the class is mostly all girls so she constantly has tons of her girlfriends sitting around her to talk to. What would be the best approach- casually sit around her, hope to run into her outside of the class and then make my move,or what? I guess you could say I'm a bit of a late bloomer, so most of this dating/relationship stuff is new to me.

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It's hard to tell you without being in your exact situation because openers can be so situation specific. like if you can sit anywhere, look for a day where the seat next to her is open and sit there. Then you're gonna have to some up with something to say. you can talk about something that's going on in class, you can poke fun at the teacher, you can ask her opinion about something you heard earlier in the day, like some news story, ask her what her opinion is on some issue going on between one of your friends and his gf. So many different ways.

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In situations like that its best to think outside. See if she has aim, icq yahoo or any Instant messenger. And Id bet anything she has a myspace. And see if you can get ahold of her through that. Or you can wait and see if a window of opportunity opens. But the best thing would to try both honestly. (Btw man I've been in your situation several times).

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After class, come up to her and tell her straight without hesitation: "Hi {her name here}, I find you a very interesting person and I'd like to ask you out for a coffee.

(Two options come to my mind in this place for what to say next)

1. Give me your phone number so I can call you to set up a date/meeting

2. I'm free on {insert a day and time} how about we meet then?



Get out of your comfort zone and instead think about how sorry you will feel later for not making the move. What's the worse that can happen? She will say no, and your life will not change a bit. What's the best? She will say yes and you will get a chance to meet her closer.


Good luck and keep us updated.



Smile to her randomly once in a while....

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