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May have seriously injured myself working out...any suggestions?

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alright, i have a crazy situation here. i am 18 years old, im 6'1 and i only weigh 135 pounds. so im a really skinny guy. ive recently started working out to try to gain some mass and some muscle. i bought a protein powder (BSN True-Mass) and i started my workout last Saturday. after my workout, i drank the protein mix and everything was fine.


when i woke up sunday, my arms were kind of sore like i expected them to be. but because of unforeseen circumstances i was not able to work out sunday or monday. so i worked out again yesterday. but to my surprise, my arms (my elbow region just at the bottom of my biscep) were still a little sore.


i didnt think much of this because im really out of shape and i just thought it was from that. so i lifted like crazy yesterday. i got a shower right after my workout and i could barely lift my arms to wash my hair my arms were so tired. i drank my mix and it was fine....


now today, my arms arent just uncomfortable...the HURT! i cant extend my arms all the way. lifting even the smallest of things is difficult. ive never felt this before. and it's all right at my elbow right at the bottom of my biceps.


is this from the protein powder or did i over-do it or what? ive worked out that hard before with no complications...what's up?

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You may have worked out like that before, but how long ago? Are you in any kind of shape right now? If you worked out like crazy with no stretching, and you haven't worked out in a long time, I think you just overdid it. I've had some nasty bouts like that when I've pushed myself too hard and too fast.


Incidentally, I have a somewhat similar issue with my right elbow. After working out and bending my arm a lot it kind of locks up and feels sore. My personal trainer told me I just have to work a little slower at it and get those muscles used to the motion. It largely works.

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Well in my experiences in weightlifting I have had that problem before. It took a week or two for it to go away, but it did. Also it sounds like you just started off a lil steep. Take it a lil slow until you get out of the first few weeks. Also, stretch before and after your workouts.


As for your pregnancy situation, I can't help ya there.

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You really strained your triceps. I think you should talk to a personal trainer to make sure you are doing the exercises properly. If you are sore- give the area time to rest before you work out again.


There's an herb called "Arnica" which comes in a cream or gel that really does wonders for sore muscles. A hot bath followed by stretching should also help.


Take it easy. Don't re-injure yourself. Be sure to know exactly what you should be doing and how to workout safely before you attempt it again.



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Never work out the muscles that're sore; the muscle is torn, and needs time to heal. The healing process is one of the keys to gaining muscle when you're sore.


Some say stretch when cold, others say stretch after the workout, but I think the best is to always warm up with a very light work out for a few minutes, and then do stretches; after stretches, work out with your routine. Maybe a stretch afterward, too. I heard stretching before a warkout (cold) is not good for the muscles.


Look up workout routines online; I'm sure there're many good ones.


If you really think it's serious, don't hesitate to contact the hospital or your doctor. Have them check you out before you really hurt yourself. And take it easy, do not go all out when you work out, especially if you're alone while doing so.

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You really strained your triceps.


its not my triceps, the area im talking about is if you lay your hand flat on the table with the palm up. so that your elbow only bends upward. it's that part of my elbow, just where my biceps start. and i was doing it all right, we have machines here at my school. and bicep machines arent really hard to figure out. i just pushed myself really really hard because i want these results so badly

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Oh sorry, I thought for some reason it was underneath, more near the bottom of your elbow.


Well either way, you strained/sprained something and you need to take it easy.


i just pushed myself really really hard because i want these results so badly


It's not good to over-exert yourself. You will get better results if you listen to your body and gradually work up to more weight and more reps.



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You just want to push your self close to the point of muscle failure, but not quite. This is very true when you are just starting out. I'm willing to bet you probably just muscled (no pun intended) through the pain and kept on going. As North said, never work out muscles that are already sore. Move onto a new group and give them time to heal. If you do that, you'll find that you'll bulk up faster. That healing time is when the muscle is getting beefier.


It's true, no pain, no gain. But there's a difference between your basic working out hurt, and "OMG my bicep just burst!"

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