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I've made a decision...

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And so thank you all on the answers to my post that I recently placed on, but I have decided that I'm just going to quit communication altogether. I'm a bit hurt (because I feel as though I was led on) and will just continue (as I have already done today) to ignore any contact, questions, or smiles. I feel as though it's the best thing to do (as it keeps me from being hurt further).


MAN, I just hate having somebody come up to me with a smile and a "our rain is finally here" and then not speak... Only to ignore other smiles and questions...

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That wasn't a bad thing (speaking back). OH MY GOD... I did not really know at first but I think she likes you. It's the only reasonable and sensible explanation. It really is. She must care something about you.


The P.M. cleared things up but catching up with you in the rain, calling you by name (numerous times), joking, smiling, and asking you numerous qeustions for you to say "piss on it" and not even reply. And then to keep on speaking to you (two more times) until you finally speak back. I got to tell you, if I didn't care about you I sure wouldn't speak to you after you had basically ignored me two times (and hell, the last time too - so three times) in a day. You'd be the one speaking to me first after all of that or we just wouldn't communicate at all.


I do bet that she's wondering what's going on and it honestly might be time to step up and say, "well, you have a boyfriend". And that's what is so confusing to me... It's obvious that she likes, cares, and maybe even thinks often (loves) you. From what I've read, it sounds kind of weird, but I think she cares enough about you to have said, "Look, I'm not available" when you asked about the ring. You did two things with that: a) You basically let her know that you cared about being around her more in the future and b) You gave her the opportunity to say she was already taken.


Lots of girls have other friends that are guys, too, so maybe he's just somebody she hangs out with that she isn't actually in a relationship with. As much as she seems to care about your feelings (asking you to tell her when things are wrong, etc), I SWEAR I believe she'd tell you if she had a boyfriend (or wasn't intersted in you) already.

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I don't know. I hate to be just rude to a person by intentionally not speaking to them but it might really be the best thing still. I think she probably knows something is wrong, but I really wasn't that concerned about that as I was just putting up some kind of guard in order to avoid being hurt and wound up failing at that. If she weren't so damned friendly to me............


I mean, first, it's like she says "hi", and I figure I'll avoid that.


Then, a few hours later, she has to come running up behind me and laughing, joking, and talking and stuff and I'm like, "I'll avoid every question and her".


Then, later, I ran into her and I don't really know what she was thinking but I guess she must have been waiting on me to speak first because she waited for about twenty seconds before saying anything and then she just called my name and said "hi". And I mean, really, at that point, what else did I have that I could have done other than at least speak? Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm just feeling as though she doesn't really want me around anymore and this will just make things easier on her somehow (if they were hard).

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Communicate! If you never take the chance to figure out the truth, you will always be wondering, "What if..."


It feels horrible when someone ignores me. At first I make excuses, too busy, something's on his mind, etc., etc. Eventually, it comes to mind, WHAT A JERK! HE'S IGNORING ME! Personally, I hate games. I am no good at them and have no respect for anyone that resorts to games to get what they want. It's just rude.

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