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Hi people,

Need some help here. 18 days ago I asked this girl at my work(she works there too) to the movies, anyway she blushed and said she's already got a boyfriend .


Now we even haven't talked that much before but she is 10/10 in every way. And now it's nearly 3 weeks later and I can't get her outta my head, doesn't make it easier when I have to see her at work most of the time talking with guys and having a merry ol' time.


I have dreams nearly every night about her. I wake up and she's the first thing on my mind, and she's on my mind before I fall asleep. I have a mixture of jealous, sad, envious feelings. I don't know what to do!! How do I just forget her?? 3 weeks it tooo long. I don't think there is anyone else out there like her, she's sweet, smart, funny, kind, beautiful.....etc etc etc

I mean it can't be love right? I hardly even know her that well. Help!


P.S. I'm 19 and she's 17, if that helps anything

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hmm...I don't wish to knock the advice that other people give, because its all individual but I certainly don't think hanging around for a girl to break up with a guy is a healthy thing to do. Even if she did break up with him she may need time to get over him..


From your post and from what she said she is well and truly with this guy otherwise, why tell you she has a bf.


I am sure that she is sweet and smart and lovely and now that you know what qualities in a girl you like you will know what to spot when you see them in another girl. We always want what we cannot have and this girl is an example of that. But I am afraid that I would go out and find someone else but she is out of bounds...

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Thanks Sabena,

I think that part of my question has become contorted, what I need to know is how to get over her. As you have read from my post I can't get her outta my head even though I know she's out of bounds. How do I do this? I think thinking about someone, who I can't have, 24/7 is not right and it's pushing me to the brink of sanity!

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Running away from her will get her out of your head. But since you both work her, that's not possible.


Find another lady to ask out and you'll be ok again! Again, since you work there, I advice not to ignore her. Why don't you talk to her - like a regular co-worker? You will start seeing her flaws, and will start to think less ;-)

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