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Doc found a lump in my breast.. im 22

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Hi everyone..


Um... yeah just want to vent and talk to anyone that will listen.. My doctor found a hard lump in my right brest near the top.


ill have it re checked in a week when im finished with my monthly girly business... (to make sure its not a hormonal thing)... (mind u ive never had a lump) she wants to ultrasound it to see what it is...


im just really scared. My family has a history with cancer. We lost my dads bro a couple of years ago to a brain tumour. (diagnosed three weeks before he died) and dads dad had it in 96 and died too...


just really scared and need help..

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Hi Katiebaby, sorry to hear.


I had a friend not that long ago find a lump in her breast. IT was devastating and for the longest time we didn't know what it was. In reality it could be anything but in your mind you fear that it's that one thing. Like you said, it could be your period, it could be a syst and etc. It turns out that my friends lump was nothing cancerous or anything. I can't remember what it was called, but it was harmless to her health.


I know its a scary thing, but try not to freak out until you know for sure. Because you might just waste all this energy and get really stressed out on something that isn't even there. I hope all turns out for the best


Oh and my friend, she was 19!

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Do not ponder all the outcomes until you get conclusive evidence. Your strong and we will pray for you. barb., is right, it could be anything... even a benign calcium deposit.


I am currently getting tests for my heart and I'm about your age!!! I couldn't believe the cardiologists words when he said P A C E M A K E R.


The funny thing is he said my heartrate was 31 beats/ minute... he was probably smoking cheap drugs, lol. My heartrate was probably twice that. This was coming from the Chief of Medicine!!!


Hang in there.

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Don't be scared. Chances are it's not cancer. Within the last 3 years both my sister and my best friend (both in their early 20's) found lumps in their breast. Neither were cancerous but they both had them removed. I also had a lump in my breast last year but it was small and went away.


If you do have it removed, I suggest that you get a good female surgeon. Make sure they cut around your nipple. My sister, who didn't have it cut around the nipple, has a huge scar accross her breast that will be there forever. My friend's scar, which was around the nipple, was not even noticeable a couple months later.

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It is excellent that you are proactive about your health and that you get checked out regularly.


As others have mentioned, breast cancer is very rare at your age. It's probably nothing. But your doctor is being thorough, which is good.


Just so you know, my grandmother who is in her 80's has had this happen to her many times since young adulthood and each time the lumo(s) turn out to be nothing cancerous.


Hang in there, and as hard as it is, try to relax. I'm sure your tests will come out with favorable results,



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I had something similar when I was only 16 turned out it was just calcium build up and it went away on its own. DOn't worry yourself too much until you find out for sure what it is. Good Luck sweety and keep us updated


yes, me too... it freaked me out though... I was a mess until I had tests done. I'm sure it'll all work out just fine. Just stay positive

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Hey There,


Everyone is right- the odds are in your favor at age 22. The good news is that they found it early and they are working quickly to figure out what it is and what to do about it. Even if it were to be cancer, early detection makes for very positive outcomes.


When I was your age they found a lump in my breast too- it turned out just to be hormonal. My sister had one at 22 and it was just a benign fatty tumor, and they took it out and she is fine- that was 10 years ago.


Try not to worry about it. Let us know when you find out the results!

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Hey everyone, wow thanks for all your replies. feeling a little better about the whole thing now. I figure why put myself thru the misery that 'what if...' seems to sufficiently provide!


The lump is still there, its about the size of a ping pong ball, had you cut it in half, and made it oval- not round. Its hard when you touch it.


I had conjunctivitis ( gross snotty red itchy eyes) (yummy) and so that why i went to the docs, to get a script for some kick butt drops. And I said, yeah while we're here, may as well do a girly check and a boob check, you should have seen her face when she found it.. 'oh crap..' then my stomach turned and I thought right... 'well ur screwed' given our family's cancer background. it doesn't run in our family... it gallops! Lol


Mal (my man) had driven me cuz i couldn't see a bloody thing.. and when we got in the car, i had a cry and he gave me a hug.. he was great.


It just sux cuz mum dad n my bro are all in thailand for a week and a bit and i don't want to tell them until i know, but mainly because i don't want to ruin their holiday!!... And mum is my lifeline she's been there thru every little and not so little event in my life.


But after my period (due in a couple of days) i can go get it checked again, and if its still there they'll do an ultrasound and all that stuff... So heres me being optimistic. It can happen to anyone, its a fact of life, it happens...


... Now for the waiting game! Ill keep you posted xo

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The lump is still there, its about the size of a ping pong ball,


KatieBaby, do you do a breast self-exam at home once a month? It's definitely something you should get in the habit of- you may have been able to catch this lump much earlier on your own.


There are still many things it could be. Try to relax until you get answers from further tests.



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My sister had this when she was 18. They did a mammogram, and it even went as far as the doctor ordering a biopsy - when my sister went in for it, the doctor who was supposed to do said there was nothing to biopsy! A lot of it was that the first doctor was worried about liability and so forth, even though nothing was wrong.


My point: it's very possible it's nothing. Try not to worry too much, though I imagine it must be hard - I remember my sister was crying and worried sick. I hope everything turns out allright.

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The fact that it is hard is worrisome. The fact that it hasn't shrunk is also problematic.


If it's that large, you could ask your doctor to do a needle biopsy. You'll know definitively what you're dealing with. Typically, you can't draw fluid out of a cancerous tumour. You can out of a cyst.


Survival rates for breast cancer are much higher these days. I have two cousins who've recovered from cancer within the past couple of years; both were children. It's not fun, but cancer is not necessarily a death sentence, and if you get better, you're better.

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Hey Hon,


First off, don't panic. It is MOST likely a benign cyst which is very common when you are young and have so many hormones.


It may also be a swollen lymph node if you have been sick.


When you are young, it is not uncommon to find these lumps especially due to hormonal fluctuations. I find lumps now and then, and like you I get very worried due to my hereditary risk (I have a genetic risk actually).


I know it scary; every woman on my mother's side of the family has gotten breast cancer in their 30's of 40's and died from it, my mum was diagnosed in December 2005 with Stage IV Lobular Breast Cancer (Which is much more rare than the usual kind and MUCH harder to find hence why it was found late). I have watched her go through chemo, radiation, more chemo, a double mastectomy. And I was fearful; as her own mother died when my mum was my age and I still remember that. But, rather than scary, it has been inspiring, she is so strong and powerful and has such spirit. And I know now too that if I have to face it, which is likely unless I get a mastectomy first to cut the risk, I can do it. In a strange way, it can make life "better" in changing your entire perspective.



But, chances are greatly in your favour. If they do find it is nothing, I want to urge you to do proper self exams monthly after your period and learn to know what is natural for your breasts too, eat healthy and exercise (both cut risk down dramatically) and don't smoke, and get proper sleep (these help too!). You may also want to look at limiting the numbers of excess hormones (i.e. through hormonal birth control), and pesticides you intake through fruit/veggies (i.e. choose organics or make sure to properly wash at least) which can increase risks.

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hey raykay u are an absolute gem.


it must have been hard going thru all that with ur family and mother.

I think i would be prepared to get a masectomy... whatever to save my life... (worst case) but i think its a cyst. (being optimistic)


I got regular excercise now, i train Arabian horses part time for a stud, and i teach young teens riding at a beginner level as i am not qualified. And yes, in a grat bra (the lump won't be from stres and the dreaded bounce) Lol... but you never know. im a size 8-10 in aussie sizes and a DD (natural, lol)

Eating right is getting there... but the sleep thing needs work! I moved out of home three months ago with my Luva of three years, so getting used to his snoring, sleeping my bed, and being in a strange house too....


I think i am right to be worried. i will be much better when my Mum is back. I don't want to tell her yeat as she is on a trip to Thailand. I know she would worry...


Thankyou to EVERYONE for all your love and support... I will keep you posted xoxoxoxo

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I am 22.

When I was 21, i found 2 lumps in my right breast and one lump in my left breast. I thought it was the breast cancer. I was so worried. I went to see the doctor. Later on, I did a mamogram and the biopsy. It turned out to be nothing cancerous.


The doctor said this happens to many female in my age.


Katiebaby, I believe you will be fine. Don't worry too much.

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I had a lump a few months ago. I had no idea that so many people are affected by the same thing!


I noticed it while on my period. I made a doctor appt for a few days later. Each day it was there. The morning of my appt, it wasn't. Went to my doctor anyway and he agreed we'd just monitor it. If it's only there during my periods, it's hormonal.


And atlas - it arrives each month with my period but is gone by the end of my period.


Sooooooo! Hang in there Chica! I think you'll be alright!

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Hi everyone... my lump is still there... i am booked in for monday at 2pm, so i will jump on sometime after then to tell you all how it went. xoxoxo


I just really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your stories, support and well wishes... u guys are all great xo

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Good luck hon.


My thoughts are with you hoping for the best, usually it is fortunately. In the slim chance it is not (and is note due to more common reasons in this age of hormonal fluctuations/cysts/fibroids/infection), or they want to do further testing; feel free to PM me, I have links to a couple great sites for support through testing, diagnosis & treatments.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hey everyone first of all sorry it too this long to let you all know what was going on so much has gone on in life... but yeah.

The lump disappeared the day of the appointment which lead the doc to think it was just a thing that goes along with ur period, and having said that, it has been about a month since all tht happened, so i have another lump this week... I will keep getting checked and she showed me how to check for myself.

Thankyou all for the support and help. I really mean it you are all awsome xoxoxo Many many thanks

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