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ahhhh dilema here please help


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soo heress some background info.

well im 15and before i met my gf i was quite a "rebel" i guess u cud say.

On a night out with my friends we would have a couple beers and and such just like regular teenagers. we didnt get too hammered exept for the accidental acceptions every here an then say some once drinks too much and they pass out. that would happen say once every 3 months but never too the say ppl.

well anyways since i started hangin out wit my gf more i stopped drinking because she said she worries wen im drunk. well the thing is i started drifitng away from my friends. the thing about me is that when ppl drink around me i dont care if i dont drink but i just dont want to be around that when things liek that happen unless im a part of it if you know what i mean. so i talked to my gf abouth it and she says she doesnt care but i know that the only reason she says that is because she doesnt want me losing my friends because of ehr. my friends are very understanding so they are 100%fine with me not drinking. but its hard to be friends with ppl with such different beliefs. and now i dont know waht to do?i love my gf as much as a 15 year old can love and i dont want to berak up with her but then again i dont want to have know friends...waht should i do?

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well first off your 15, if your drinking you should be careful, cuz getting caught isn't fun. and 2 is there a happy medium you can get with your g/f. like i wasn't cool with my b/fdoing it so much for awhile, but i never took him from his friends, but i wanted to stay by his side if he was going to do that stuff....just so i knew he was safe and ok. don't break up over something trivial like drinking, but maybe you and your friends could try some other things other then drinking....i know at 15 it is hard to get around and do stuff, but maybe finding other things to do is a good thing.

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i started drinking around 15 its normally the age ppl start, i personally think u have to balance it out. So i dno mayb instead of getting drunk get tipsy if ure urge to drink is that strong when ure with ure m8s. Just make sure whatever u decide (stopping or not) its because u want to, not 2 make ure gf or ya m8s happy. Ive been designated driver alot so ive seen all mi m8s get drunk while im sober and its actually equally entertaining watching them do stupid stuff.

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