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relationship with best friend

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Ive been in love with my best friend since I was 7 or 8 years old. I know that sounds young but im 20 now and the feelings are just as strong as ever. I spent many of those years with the words on the tip of my tongue. Wanting to tell her how I really felt. And that when I said I love you. I meant it. It was really hard for me. I just couldn't tell her, I was afraid. Afraid that things would change or be weird. But I continued to love her more than anything I would seriously die for her if I had to.


Then one night some weeks back, we were hanging out like always. But she was acting a little different. And pretty much before I knew what was up she pulled me close and told me exactly what I had always wanted to say to her!: That she loved me, had always loved me, and she wanted to be with me. Then we kissed and it was the most amazing moment of my life.


It really came out of nowhere and I can say that I am the happiest I have ever been in my life period. But I am a little nervous because this is my first serious relationship ever. It feels great tho because I am so comfortable with her and I can be myself. I mean like I swear we can read each others minds sometimes. I guess thats just becasuse we know each other so well. Still you guys got any advice that might be helpful for me?

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We both love each other very much. But like I was saying It is my first committment. And I do and will continue to love minute I am with her.

Thx for the kind words guys. We are already engaged. We feel it. We know that we're supposeed to be together.

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Ya I got some words of advice. Never think about where your relationship will go wrong or could go wrong. Let go of everything man because if you try to hold onto things you'll see what happens when you do. If she is your life and she's gone, you lose that hold, that security and that feeling of loss can be pretty devastating. Now if you focus more on making it work and keeping your focus ONLY on that and never allowing external influences affect you, you'll see how it'll work out.


Also remember that if you truly feel yourself loving this girl that manipulation only works if you let it. Don't sacrifice your life for this girl because its my experience that girls DON'T respect men who give up their lives for the sake of them. NOW if you two are going in the same direction, that is different. Know what you want outside of her and understand that the ones we love only make life THAT much more enjoyable and enriching. As I stated to a friend the other day "Even though life gives us choices and we're free to make them with or without someone we love. It's them, outside of their influence, that gives us the feeling that causes us to be everything to them and even though we do our best to be great, its them that gives us the want to be greater than we already are."

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